Shopping Finds {Thrift Night Out}

*This is not a sponsored post. All opinons are my own.

I'll get to all the fun finds from the Thrift Night Out in just a sec. But first I want to share something about Goodwill that I didn't fully understand until I started working with local Goodwill agencies.

The act of SHOPPING at Goodwill HELPS people in our community.

How? Because a large portion of the revenue from their stores helps fund the extensive job training and other community-based programs/services they provide to people with disabilities and people facing challenges in finding employment.

So, again...

When you SHOP at Goodwill you are HELPING fund Goodwill's programs. 

In other words, by shopping at Goodwill you are doing a good deed.

And shop is just what this group did...  

Sunglasses, baby clothes, men's short, purses, mirrors, women's tops, skirts, vases, jackets, candlesticks, and boots were all purchased by the ladies at our recent Thrift Night Out at Goodwill Akron. Oh, and a BRAND NEW Threshold (Target) Pouf! Carmen snatched this up for just $9.99! A ridiculously great deal since these normally sell at Target for $59.99.

Some other great finds include this head to toe look that Laura put together for an upcoming Cruise-themed fundraiser that she'll be attending. This lightweight, knee-length coat that fits Lisa PERFECTLY. And lots of books for Jeannie (a teacher) to add to her classroom collection.

And here are a few of my favorite treasures from the night: two ironwork bookends, a Threshold vase, and a Gap clutch. I'm collecting neutrals and texture right now as I prepare for our bedroom makeover. Hopefully by the time I get around to actually completing the makeover, I'll still be riding the neutral bandwagon.

Interested in attending a Thrift Night Out event? Contact me or Dina and we'll coordinate a private event for you and your girlfriends.

Twinsie Tuesday: Topenga/Fergie & Granite/Blatt

Twinsie Tuesday is baaaaaaaack!! And I owe it all to 6 year-old C who has inherited his mother's doppelganger spotting talent.

On New Year's Eve (which feels like 10 months ago), we were watching one of Fergie's (pantsless) performances, and he said "She looks like that lady from Girl Meets World." Oh, you mean Topanga!!

And then, not but a week later he sees Matt Granite (WKYC Ways to Save guy) on TV and says "this guy looks like the Cavs coach, David Blatt."

Couldn't be more proud. He is sooo Twinsie Tuesday TALENTED!

Arrows Made from Wooden Spoons | Goodwill Project #26

“I threw it at him so that he would fall in love.” – C's response after throwing his arrow at N.
Prior to making our arrows we did some wikapedia-ing to find out why arrows are used for Valentine’s day. Basically Cupid is the God of desire, erotic love, attraction and affection. His source of power is the bow and arrow, and anyone who is shot by his arrow is filled with uncontrollable desire.
I gave C the G-rated version which was Cupid shoots people with his arrow and they fall in love.
So he went and threw it at his 3 year old brother.

So literal.
So thoughtful.

Thankfully it was just made of a wooden spoon, so he’s fine. And to my knowledge he did not fall in love.

 Here’s how we did it:

1 – Bought 2 wooden spoons at Goodwill Twinsburg for a mere 16 cents each!
2 – Pulled out some craft supplies like felt, feathers, yarn, and glitter.

3. Glued 3-6 feathers to the top side of the spoon.

4. Cut out two felt triangles to use as the arrow tip.

5. Wrapped multiple pieces of colored yarn around the handle and secured in place with glue.

6. Glued the 2 triangle felt pieces together, leaving a small opening to slide about an inch of the handle inside. Secured with more glue.

7. Decorated with gold glitter!

If you don’t have these craft supplies on hand, here are a few alternatives:
Felt  //  Construction Paper   //  Cardboard
Yarn  //  Paint  //  Ribbon  //  Washi Tape
Feathers  //  Felt  //  Tissue Paper  

**This post was sponsored by Goodwill Industries of Akron. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

They've Got Spirit, Yes They Do

Sadly we won't be needing Browns apparel for this Super Bowl weekend. In fact, not sure we'll need Browns apparel for a Super Bowl weekend, ever. 

But, regardless, there are still 16 Browns games that D and the kids get geared up for every Sunday in the Fall. As well as 15 Buckeye games, 82 Cavs games and 162 Indians games throughout the rest of the year! Because of that, Goodwill has become my go-to for all their sports gear. 

I visited the Goodwill Eastlake store a few weekends ago and here's just a small sampling of shirts, sweatshirts, jackets and a dress that I was able to find. The prices are unbeatable compared to what you'd pay at retail, especially when you consider that the pink tagged items were an additional 50% off!

A sampling of sports apparel available at Goodwill Eastlake.

And aside from professional and college team apparel, Goodwill has a ton of local high school team gear too. Always support the Boosters first, then head to Goodwill to stock up for the family. 

So when your co-worker gives you last minute tickets to the Cavs game, and you and your kids need to get geared up, consider stopping at Goodwill before spending a ton of money at retail. And all the money you save... will likely get spent at the concession stand. 

**This post was sponsored by Goodwill Industries of Greater Cleveland and East Central Ohio, Inc. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

New Use for a Cutlery Basket | Goodwill Project #25

This month I am focusing my attention on decluttering and organizing so that we can clear our minds and our home of “mess stress” as we enter into a new year.

The more excess stuff we can get rid of, the less messes there will be. I dream of clutter-free countertops, a stairwell without piles creeping their way up each step, a closet filled with only the clothes I actually wear, and cabinets that are so organized I could remove the doors and expose them to the world.

Big dreams are reached with little steps. So today I tackle the medicine cabinet with the help of this cutlery basket I picked up from the Goodwill location on Waterloo.

I customized the basket by wrapping red yarn through the wire grid to create the symbolic “red cross.”   

I filled the basket with all the kid’s medical necessities; rubbing alchohol, cough syrup, motrin, and of  course Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle band-aids. 

And now my medicine cabinet is exactly the way I wanted it – clutter-free and organized! 

**This post was sponsored by Goodwill Industries of Akron. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

December Donation Challenge

Thank you for participating in mine and Dina's Donation Challenge this month. Congratulations to Layali (donation featured at top center). You are the winner of the $25 Visa gift card!

If you didn't participate, that's ok, hopefully seeing this will inspire you to pull out some garbage bags and start decluttering your closets, cabinets, toy bins, and drawers. 

We tackled several areas of our home this month like our art cabinet, my flea market inventory, our closets, and our garage, resulting in nearly 15 bags of stuff and a few pieces of furniture. Good riddance! 

I'm looking forward to starting 2015 with a clean house, a simple wardrobe, and a garage that I can almost park in.

Happy New Year!

Oh What Fun! I'm Giving Away 4 of My Favorite Things!

I've teamed up with 21 thrifters and fashionistas on Instagram for the Oh What Fun Loop Giveaway. A loop giveaway is where you hop from account to account entering to win a bunch of great prizes! I'm giving away a collection of 4 of my favorite things; A vintage tonka truck, a vintage USA map puzzle, a strand of pom pom garland, and a vintage Maxwell coffee can.

To enter:
1: Follow @somethingtobefound on Instagram
2: Like the "Oh What Fun Giveaway" post on Instagram
3: Then tap the "Oh What Fun Giveaway" pic (on Instagram) to see where to head next

You can enter all 21 giveaways and you'll know you've hit them all when you end up back to my account. The giveaways are open today (12/22) from 11am EST to 11:59pm EST. The winner of my prize will be announced on the @somethingtobefound Instagram account tomorrow (12/23).

Go now and hop on the Loop train and enter to win 22 great prizes!!

5 Gifts You Can Always Find at Goodwill

Years ago I would aimlessly walk around retail stores and malls trying to find gifts for all the people on my list.

The aimless walking continues, but now I do it at Goodwill, where I save a TON of money, and walk away with some great one-of-a-kind gifts.

If you’ve never thrifted gifts before, here are five ideas to get you started!  

There is never a lack of t-shirts at Goodwill! There are hundreds of them that are thankfully separated by size and color. Consider finding a t-shirt for your recipient that features:
  • Their Alma Mater (high school or college)
  • Their Favorite sports team
  • A funny saying
  • Their favorite band

Like t-shirts, there is an endless supply of interesting mugs at Goodwill. Even if your recipient isn’t a coffee or tea drinker, that’s ok, fill the mug with some soil and a succulent for them to display on a shelf. Consider finding a mug for your recipient that features:
  • Their favorite city
  • Their name
  • Their favorite sport’s team
  • A funny saying

So. Many. Books. Children’s, young adult, fiction, non-fiction, self-help, cookbooks, how-to’s, best sellers, travel, art, series, religious, mystery, romance, science, poetry…  And they’re only 50 cents to $1.50.

Big or small, you can find all sorts of toys at Goodwill including board games, puzzles, cars and trucks, blocks, sporting equipment, and bikes. Goodwill of Akron has supplemental NEW goods too so you can pick up brand new/never been used merchandise at reduced prices.


Framed photos and artwork are popular gifts for the holidays. Pick up a frame at Goodwill and either use as is or paint it a color to give it a new look .  

December Reader DONATION Challenge

A few months ago I wrote about our family's attempts to live simply and our interest in the concept of minimalism, which is to rid your life of excess and clutter so that you can lead a less stressful, more meaningful life.

At that time I had challenged myself to clean out several areas of our home that were disorganized and full of stuff we didn't need, like our out of control tupperware cabinet and my mess of a jewelry collection. I'm proud to report that both are still in great shape and I don't miss any of the stuff I got rid of.

There are still plenty more rooms, closets, cabinets, and drawers that I'd like to tackle. And with it being the season of giving, Dina and I agreed this was the perfect time to clean, organize, and purge all of our excess stuff so we created the Donate Challege! Join us in donating your unwanted and excess items to a non-profit, a charity, or a thrift store like Goodwill, and be entered to win a $25 VISA GIFT CARD!

  • Donate your stuff
  • Post pictures on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter. If your account is public, be sure to tag Something to be Found and Dina's Days and use the hashtag #dkDonateChallenge 
  • If your account is private or you don't use social media, simply email one of us your picture(s). 
  • Gain additional entries by tagging your friends and encouraging them to participate and donate.
  • The winner will be drawn and announced on Wednesday December 31st.
Let the donating begin!

November Thrift Challenge Reveal: Thrift List

Dina and I challenged ourselves this month to find items from our thrift lists. It was a little more difficult than either of us expected, but in the end five of the items on my thrift list were found, and 4 were purchased.

A few weeks ago while Dan and I were in New York City (he ran the marathon!), I stopped in at two Manhattan thrift stores: Valley Thrift and Goodwill. All three of my purchased items were picked up at these two stores!

I've been on the hunt for a cozy sweatshirt for well over a year. I've come across many, but they were either too tight, too short, or too wide in the neck.The "perfect" sweatshirt was seeming impossible to find at a thrift store. When I stopped in at Goodwill Manhattan I only had about 15 minutes to shop so I headed straight for the women's sweatshirt section, and there it was. The perfect grey sweatshirt!

It's by American Apparel and was $7.99. Not only is it nice and looooong, but it's not too tight, it has a small neck, PLUS it has a hood and a pocket. This has now become my go-to outfit for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.... EVERY day of the week!

The other New York thrift store, Valley Thrift, had BOTH the kid's snow boots and snow pants, amazingly in the sizes that I needed!

The boots are LL Bean and were $7 and the Snow Pants are Columbia and were only $5! It was good thing I bought these when I did because they quickly went into use!

Kids chairs were on my list and I found FOUR of them at the Wadsworth Goodwill, but they were in need of some serious cleaning, which I just don't have the energy for right now. 

And this is when it pays off to know an elementary school teacher! My friend Erin offered to give me two of these!! 

Duck boots were also on my list. I found a pair by Sperry at the Manhattan Goodwill but they were the ankle version, not the calf-height boot. My friend Christine also spotted a pair of red Khumba boots at the Goodwill in North Olmsted, but sadly they weren't my size. 

And last but not least was a plaid mug. I have been looking for one at the thrift stores since LAST YEAR and have yet to come across one. Who knew that plaid mugs were such a rarity? Someone, anyone, please find me a flippin' plaid mug!

So, four out of six. Not bad! The boots and mug will remain on my list until I find them... even if they go out of style. Can't stop won't stop. Once the search is on, it never ends. 

Time to go check out what Dina was able to find from her Thrift List


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