I am a:
  • Mom to C, N and B. Boys, boys and more boys! 
  • Wife to Dan, my spreadsheet lovin', sport watchin', dance floor rockin', husband 
  • Graphic Designer 
  • Thrifting Addict
  • DIY novice 
My Favorite Things:
  • Garage Sales / Estate Sales / Thrift Stores / Clearance Racks / Trash Day
  • Flavored Coffee Creamer
  • Going out for breakfast. Not too picky I just prefer Firstwatch for the coffee (and flavored creamer), or Bob Evans for the biscuits, or Panera for a cinnamon crunch bagel with hazelnut cream cheese or Amy Joy for sour cream donuts. But no, we can go wherever. 
  • Naps! I once slept soundly on a lawn chair right next to a wet saw! 
  • Exclamation points!!!!!
  • Having a tan (which is, um, never!)
  • Boggle
  • Instagram
  • Moccasins like these, these and these, all of which were found thrifting! 
  • Stripes on everything! 
  • Seeing a package on our front porch. 
If I worked at a carnival I could:
  • Guess the sex of people's unborn children by applying my (very accurate and scientific) theory 
  • Tell people who their celebrity look-alike is. And since a carnival hasn't hired me I started Twinsie Tuesday
I am currently on the thrifty hunt for:
  • The perfect pair of distressed jeans
  • A backpack purse
  • Bean boots
  • Mid-century modern furiture for our bedroom


  1. Hi I saw your milk glass lamps, great find. I am actually looking for some exactly like it, do you have any tips on finding some? thanks.

  2. Hi, very interesting post thanks for sharing. Can I contact your through your email. Thanks!

    randydavis387 at gmail.com

  3. Hello! I am a member of the Schoola team and we would love to do a post with you about thrifting! We are an online thrift store and 40% of the proceeds go to schools. Please email me at social@schoola.com. Thanks! Gennifer