Thrift Night Out - Goodwill Northfield

What. A. Night!

I've already started figuring out how I can do a repeat of this for my birthday, because...

Friends + Thrifting = BEST DAY EVER

This group was a mix of old friends, new friends, college roommates, volleyball teammates, co-workers, CLE Flea friends, and cousins. And WOW did it fill my heart to have all these amazing girls in one place mingling, laughing, and thrift shopping!

The night started at Compadres Mexican Grill in Northfield... where medium margaritas require two hands when drinking.

Dina and I talked their ears off sharing all we know and love about the art of Thrift Shopping. One tip everyone loved is to create a shared Pinterest board with a friend where you can each pin items on your thrift lists so you have a scond set of eyes at the thrift stores. Dina and I do this which has resulted in me finding this $3 faux shearling vest for her, and her finding this gumball machine for me.

After dinner we headed across the parking lot to Goodwill Northfield and got after it! 

Lisa found these AMAZING skirts plus a vintage Coach leather crossbody bag for $18.75!! 

Lisa also found a Coach black leather cross-body bag which was quickly snatched up by Laura (her sister), who protectively wore it around the store until she was ready to check out!

Nice move, Laur! Keep your sisters close and your Coach bags closer.

Lisa and Laura's sister Stacey (RSVP Paper Co) did not walk away with a Coach purse, but she did find this pink tutu for her daughter! 

Diane (Yellow Door Goods), really got down to business! She's a seasoned thrifter so it was no surprise that she found three great blazers, a skirt, and an embellishd tank top. And totally unrelated, but she sent me this text message  last week and I might have screamed when I read it. Yes. I definitely screamed.

Here's Beth and her needlepoint artwork. I'm loving the corals and pinks next to her hunter green blouse. Color combo crush!

One of my favorite finds from the night was this camel and black striped maxi dress that Tyra got. I love this cut of dress with spaghetti straps, scoop neck, and a waistline that can be worn high up causing the top to be a little drapey and loose. 

You got a good one, Tyra! 

And here is more, more, more stuff found by Chelsea, Kim, Carey, Erica, Kaitlin and Diane. Kim's son was going as Curious George for Halloween so it was only appropriate that she buy this hat for her husband to be the Man in the Yellow Hat. And hopefully Erica's uncle doesn't read this blog because that fish frame is coming his way for Christmas!!

And can you believe this... Laura bought a corkboard and she (and her daughter) already FINISHED covering it in fabric with nailhead trim. That would have easily sat in my basement for months

ALL of this stuff was found in only 45 minutes of time! Can you imagine if we had even more time??

We could have found at least one more Coach purse.

Swap it Like It's Hot - Woven Tray Goes Geometric

Last year I came across Charlotte Smith's blog, Ciburbanity. In the process of stalking her posts I discovered her series "Swap It Like Its Hot." The premise: 40 bloggers shopping their local thrift stores and sending a handful of treasures under $15 to one of the other bloggers who then has to create something with the thrifty item(s) they received. I thought, "So basically we get to shop the thrift store (twist my arm!), mail it off, and then a box of happy thrift mail shows up on our own porch? WHERE DO I SIGN UP?!?

Apparently posting a comment on her site and begging to participate did the trick :) Charlotte was nice enough to include me in this year's Swap and it's been so fun! Obviously the best part was getting our items in the mail. Ashley from Simply Designing had the PERFECT reaction to her delivery of items: "You guys. I just got my box. And it even smells like a thrift store. How does that even happen?! It was like boxed up thrift store air. The cost of the goods shipped = around $10. Bottled up thrift store air = ‪#‎priceless‬." Ashley might have a business idea there... 

My box of goodies came from Nancy of Artsy Chicks Rule

I explained to C (my 6 year old) that I would have to DIY or repurpose some of the items for a project I was doing. so he started firing off genius ideas. "The woven tray could be a frisbee. The silver platter could be a super hero shield. The ampersand letter could be a track for a car, and the metal display frame could be turned sideways into a basketball hoop!" I love how he doesn't hem and haw... boom, boom, boom... done... move on. 

I on the other hand hemmed and hawed for a few weeks!!

I kept coming back to the woven tray because I have another one like it that I use in our living room to corral magazines, books and our channel changer (or Remote Control for those of you ((ahem...Kristin Rogers)) who don't know what a channel changer is). I love the geometric shape of it and thought it could make a cool piece of artwork.

Of course I hopped onto Pinterest and was inspired right away by this geometric tray made by Up In the Air Somewhere. I'm loving everything gold right now (like everyone else!), so gold and white were easy color options.

It took me awhile to wrap my head around how to measure and lay out my pattern with the tape. After trying about 6 times, I finally made sense of it. And don't ask me to try and explain it because:

Basically I made a single line down the center, and then I used those wrapped pieces of weaving along the border of the tray to determine my corners. (I'm getting anxiety just trying to explain this). And then after a section would dry, I'd add more tape, blah blah blah. 

It was a miracle, all the diagonal lines came out proportional!! 

I paired the tray with two of my other recent thrift finds and I think they make quite the happy little aztec-ish, geometric-ish, family.

Want to see what items I thrifted for Rachel at Shades of Blue Interiors? Head over to her blog and prepare to be amazed by her DIY skillzzzz! And random side note; If I still did Twinsie Tuesdays (which I may resurrect), Rachel would totally be paired with Amy Smart. 

See the list of links below to check out projects from all 40 participants. There's also a Swap It Like It's Hot Pinterest board where you can see swap transformations from the previous years!