Shopping at the NEW Goodwill in Cleveland (and soo much buffalo check!)

You know the feeling you get when you see an unexpected package on your porch? Or when you hear a knock at your door and you peek through the window to see a delivery person with flowers or a fruit bouquet, or a cookie bouquet!!!? This is exactly how I felt when Goodwill announced on Facebook that they were opening up a NEW store in Cleveland! 

It's located at the corner of Harvard and Lee in Cleveland at 4071 Lee Road and it opened up last Thursday. I wasn’t able to make it there on Thursday (which gave me major anxiety), but I made it there on Friday and it was like having an awesome date... with myself. Just me and my shopping cart and aisles and aisles and aisles of clothing and housewares to dig through! 

Like most Goodwill stores in the area, they separate all their clothes by style, size and color or pattern, which is super helpful if you have something specific you’re looking for! I’ve been on the hunt for a red buffalo check button-down so my first stop was to scan the patterned long-sleeve shirts. Do you see what I see… 

Miley Cyrus Buffalo Check Button Down Shirt | $3.50

Unfortunately it was a size too small. DANNNNNGIT!

I didn’t have anything else specific I was looking for so I just dug through all the clothes in my size and plucked out the pieces that caught my eye. This can be time consuming, but I find it relaxing... other than the pulsing shoulder ache that results from shoving clothes down a packed rack.

Here’s everything that made it’s way into the dressing room with me:  

After eliminating the things that didn’t fit, were unflattering, or that I knew wouldn't be worn often enough, I had it narrowed down to the pin-striped button down and the buffalo check skirt. 

Black Buffalo Check Skirt by Talbots | $6

I was on the fence with the buffalo check skirt so I used some lifelines and texted three people, all of whom had varying opinions! Dina sent me this pic and this pic from Pinterest and I was immediately SOLD! I shared the above pic on Instagram and got sooo many great suggestions on how to wear it. I'm definitely going to switch out the belt, and I'll probably get it shortened if it's not too expensive. 

The children’s section was my next stop. I’m always looking for new things to add to Baby B’s wardrobe since he wears all hand-me-downs that I'm tired of seeing for the THIRD time. I had no luck with the red buffalo check shirt for me... but looksie what I found for him!! 

Brand new Circo Red Buffalo Check Sweatshirt | $5.99

We could have been red buffalo check twinsies.

Now off to housewares, toys, and furniture! 

Soooooo many baskets. Like an entire aisle of baskets! Prices ranged from $8 for the larger ones to $2 for the smaller ones. These are perfect for houseplants (like this)... and a lot cheaper than new ones! 

Aren't these adorable toys for a little boy? Had it been closer to one of the kid's birthdays I definitely would've got that wooden truck.

Ahhhhhhh! Look at all this beautiful gold and copper! I limited myself to just one of the mini vases in the middle ($1) and that taller aztec patterned vase on the top right ($3).

The furniture and lamp section had a few gems. How about this aztec patterned couch?!! And I am KICKING myself for not following one of the key thrifting rules -- be prepared with necessary dimensions!!  We have a nook in our bedroom where we want to place a desk and this $25 one (bottom left) would have been perfect (painted of course) but I didn't have the dang dimensions for that nook! Wahhhhhhhh.

Next to the furniture sections was an insane amount of  Halloween stuff. Like two aisles of decorations and two aisles of costumes! 

I about died and went to pom pom heaven when I saw this Lalaloopsy costume!!! And of course it's yellow buffalo check! It was $7 and retails for $30

Then I asked myself why I was looking at a Lalaloopsy Halloween costume and knew it was time for me to go!! 

My final haul included:

Larger copper vase with aztec stamped pattern | $3
Talbots black buffalo check skirt | $6
Forever 21 pin-stripe button down | $4
Circo red buffalo check toddler sweatshirt | $5.99
Small copper vase | $1

If you make a visit to this new Goodwill store, I would love to hear/see what you found! And seriously, someone with a little girl needs to go buy that Lalaloopsy costume. 

**This post was sponsored by Goodwill Industries of Greater Cleveland and East Central Ohio, Inc. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.