8 Shelves decorated for ONLY $58.97!!

Recently my talented friend Lisa, author of several YA books, invited a small group of creative-minded girls to her house for a night of drinks, brainstorming and goal-setting. We plan to meet on a regular basis to share ideas, hold each other accountable to goals, and collaborate on projects.

At our get-together I shared the current state of Something to be Found; I dabble in re-selling (mainly at the Cleveland Flea), I have this blog, I write sponsored posts for Goodwill, and I host Thrift Night Out events with Dina.

We brainstormed some additional projects/ideas for me to consider, and one that I've thought about for a long time but have never done is to thrift/decorate for clients. I have a lot of doubts and questions on how this could actually be profitable, but like all ideas, the best way to work through those questions is to just try it! Test it out and see what works and what doesn't.

Turns out that Lisa had two brand new Ikea Hemnes shelves in her bedroom that were in need of some decorating so she offered to be my first "client."

 After seeing her the color scheme and vibe of her bedroom, I was sooooooooo excited to get started!

Her bedding and green furniture has a Lilly Pulitzer vibe, so I stuck to that color palette and theme when thrifting pieces for her shelves. I knew right away that I would use books to add bright pops of color, but I would keep all the other pieces like the vases, lanterns and picture frames in neutral tones like gold, whites/creams, black, and wood grain.

After visiting 8 different thrift stores and one estate sale over the period of about 5 weeks, here's the haul for her shelves:

These 50+ items came to a grand total of $58.97!!! If we shopped retail, we would've paid that much for just the bamboo tray, green striped basket, and faux palm plant.

Next came the fun part of putting everything together on the shelves:

I absolutely LOVE this juicy combination of the pink and yellow books: 

This green striped basket and faux palm plant were picked up at Goodwill when I was on my way to Lisa's house!! I was running a few minutes early so I just had to stop in. The faux palm was an ahhhmazing score, and then when I was checking out I spotted the green striped basket and literally RAN over to get it. (You're welcome. Lisa!) 

Luckily Lisa already had another potted plant so we were able to use hers on top of the other set of shelves to balance everything out.

The bamboo tray was saved for last, and we found the perfect home for it on this green bedside table. 

What a fun project!! Thanks, for being my first official "client," Lisa!

Local, Cleveland Friends -- want me to thrift for you!? If you have some shelves or a spot in your house that could use a fresh new look, and you'd like me to thrift and style it for you, email me at somethingtobefound@gmail.com