Shopping Finds {Thrift Night Out}

*This is not a sponsored post. All opinons are my own.

I'll get to all the fun finds from the Thrift Night Out in just a sec. But first I want to share something about Goodwill that I didn't fully understand until I started working with local Goodwill agencies.

The act of SHOPPING at Goodwill HELPS people in our community.

How? Because a large portion of the revenue from their stores helps fund the extensive job training and other community-based programs/services they provide to people with disabilities and people facing challenges in finding employment.

So, again...

When you SHOP at Goodwill you are HELPING fund Goodwill's programs. 

In other words, by shopping at Goodwill you are doing a good deed.

And shop is just what this group did...  

Sunglasses, baby clothes, men's short, purses, mirrors, women's tops, skirts, vases, jackets, candlesticks, and boots were all purchased by the ladies at our recent Thrift Night Out at Goodwill Akron. Oh, and a BRAND NEW Threshold (Target) Pouf! Carmen snatched this up for just $9.99! A ridiculously great deal since these normally sell at Target for $59.99.

Some other great finds include this head to toe look that Laura put together for an upcoming Cruise-themed fundraiser that she'll be attending. This lightweight, knee-length coat that fits Lisa PERFECTLY. And lots of books for Jeannie (a teacher) to add to her classroom collection.

And here are a few of my favorite treasures from the night: two ironwork bookends, a Threshold vase, and a Gap clutch. I'm collecting neutrals and texture right now as I prepare for our bedroom makeover. Hopefully by the time I get around to actually completing the makeover, I'll still be riding the neutral bandwagon.

Interested in attending a Thrift Night Out event? Contact me or Dina and we'll coordinate a private event for you and your girlfriends.


  1. It looks like fun was had by all! The vase is gorgeous - well, maybe not when you stump your toe on it. :) I was lucky enough to buy 7 vintage pillow cases and 2 king sized flat sheets that were also vintage.............fabulous 70's color schemes that I will be making grocery and farm market tote's cost for all of that was $8. All were new and had never even been out of the package. I just love the Good Will I find when I go to the Goodwill!

  2. AnonymousJune 11, 2015

    How can I get Thrift Night Out started at my Goodwill?!

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