Shopping Finds {Thrift Night Out}

*This is not a sponsored post. All opinons are my own.

I'll get to all the fun finds from the Thrift Night Out in just a sec. But first I want to share something about Goodwill that I didn't fully understand until I started working with local Goodwill agencies.

The act of SHOPPING at Goodwill HELPS people in our community.

How? Because a large portion of the revenue from their stores helps fund the extensive job training and other community-based programs/services they provide to people with disabilities and people facing challenges in finding employment.

So, again...

When you SHOP at Goodwill you are HELPING fund Goodwill's programs. 

In other words, by shopping at Goodwill you are doing a good deed.

And shop is just what this group did...  

Sunglasses, baby clothes, men's short, purses, mirrors, women's tops, skirts, vases, jackets, candlesticks, and boots were all purchased by the ladies at our recent Thrift Night Out at Goodwill Akron. Oh, and a BRAND NEW Threshold (Target) Pouf! Carmen snatched this up for just $9.99! A ridiculously great deal since these normally sell at Target for $59.99.

Some other great finds include this head to toe look that Laura put together for an upcoming Cruise-themed fundraiser that she'll be attending. This lightweight, knee-length coat that fits Lisa PERFECTLY. And lots of books for Jeannie (a teacher) to add to her classroom collection.

And here are a few of my favorite treasures from the night: two ironwork bookends, a Threshold vase, and a Gap clutch. I'm collecting neutrals and texture right now as I prepare for our bedroom makeover. Hopefully by the time I get around to actually completing the makeover, I'll still be riding the neutral bandwagon.

Interested in attending a Thrift Night Out event? Contact me or Dina and we'll coordinate a private event for you and your girlfriends.

Twinsie Tuesday: Topenga/Fergie & Granite/Blatt

Twinsie Tuesday is baaaaaaaack!! And I owe it all to 6 year-old C who has inherited his mother's doppelganger spotting talent.

On New Year's Eve (which feels like 10 months ago), we were watching one of Fergie's (pantsless) performances, and he said "She looks like that lady from Girl Meets World." Oh, you mean Topanga!!

And then, not but a week later he sees Matt Granite (WKYC Ways to Save guy) on TV and says "this guy looks like the Cavs coach, David Blatt."

Couldn't be more proud. He is sooo Twinsie Tuesday TALENTED!

Arrows Made from Wooden Spoons | Goodwill Project #26

“I threw it at him so that he would fall in love.” – C's response after throwing his arrow at N.
Prior to making our arrows we did some wikapedia-ing to find out why arrows are used for Valentine’s day. Basically Cupid is the God of desire, erotic love, attraction and affection. His source of power is the bow and arrow, and anyone who is shot by his arrow is filled with uncontrollable desire.
I gave C the G-rated version which was Cupid shoots people with his arrow and they fall in love.
So he went and threw it at his 3 year old brother.

So literal.
So thoughtful.

Thankfully it was just made of a wooden spoon, so he’s fine. And to my knowledge he did not fall in love.

 Here’s how we did it:

1 – Bought 2 wooden spoons at Goodwill Twinsburg for a mere 16 cents each!
2 – Pulled out some craft supplies like felt, feathers, yarn, and glitter.

3. Glued 3-6 feathers to the top side of the spoon.

4. Cut out two felt triangles to use as the arrow tip.

5. Wrapped multiple pieces of colored yarn around the handle and secured in place with glue.

6. Glued the 2 triangle felt pieces together, leaving a small opening to slide about an inch of the handle inside. Secured with more glue.

7. Decorated with gold glitter!

If you don’t have these craft supplies on hand, here are a few alternatives:
Felt  //  Construction Paper   //  Cardboard
Yarn  //  Paint  //  Ribbon  //  Washi Tape
Feathers  //  Felt  //  Tissue Paper  

**This post was sponsored by Goodwill Industries of Akron. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.