They've Got Spirit, Yes They Do

Sadly we won't be needing Browns apparel for this Super Bowl weekend. In fact, not sure we'll need Browns apparel for a Super Bowl weekend, ever. 

But, regardless, there are still 16 Browns games that D and the kids get geared up for every Sunday in the Fall. As well as 15 Buckeye games, 82 Cavs games and 162 Indians games throughout the rest of the year! Because of that, Goodwill has become my go-to for all their sports gear. 

I visited the Goodwill Eastlake store a few weekends ago and here's just a small sampling of shirts, sweatshirts, jackets and a dress that I was able to find. The prices are unbeatable compared to what you'd pay at retail, especially when you consider that the pink tagged items were an additional 50% off!

A sampling of sports apparel available at Goodwill Eastlake.

And aside from professional and college team apparel, Goodwill has a ton of local high school team gear too. Always support the Boosters first, then head to Goodwill to stock up for the family. 

So when your co-worker gives you last minute tickets to the Cavs game, and you and your kids need to get geared up, consider stopping at Goodwill before spending a ton of money at retail. And all the money you save... will likely get spent at the concession stand. 

**This post was sponsored by Goodwill Industries of Greater Cleveland and East Central Ohio, Inc. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.


  1. And don't forget cool sorority and fraternity Tshirts! If you like to sell on eBay - lots of kids in other parts of the U.S. LOVE to have sister/brother party shirts as well as's the strangest thing. Especially for Halloween parties and anything that may be exclusive to the local university. I have also gotten stained sweat shirts that I've made into grocery totes - which end up looking like custom sorority/fraternity bags - while they have cost me 99 cents to $2.99 people have gotten into bidding wars over them and several have gone for more than $75.00! You do have to have minimal sewing abilities but not really much!

    1. That's right, you told me about this!!! I need to keep my eye out for these at the thrift and try selling them. Thanks for the tip, Kelli. I'll report back!

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