November Thrift Challenge Reveal: Thrift List

Dina and I challenged ourselves this month to find items from our thrift lists. It was a little more difficult than either of us expected, but in the end five of the items on my thrift list were found, and 4 were purchased.

A few weeks ago while Dan and I were in New York City (he ran the marathon!), I stopped in at two Manhattan thrift stores: Valley Thrift and Goodwill. All three of my purchased items were picked up at these two stores!

I've been on the hunt for a cozy sweatshirt for well over a year. I've come across many, but they were either too tight, too short, or too wide in the neck.The "perfect" sweatshirt was seeming impossible to find at a thrift store. When I stopped in at Goodwill Manhattan I only had about 15 minutes to shop so I headed straight for the women's sweatshirt section, and there it was. The perfect grey sweatshirt!

It's by American Apparel and was $7.99. Not only is it nice and looooong, but it's not too tight, it has a small neck, PLUS it has a hood and a pocket. This has now become my go-to outfit for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.... EVERY day of the week!

The other New York thrift store, Valley Thrift, had BOTH the kid's snow boots and snow pants, amazingly in the sizes that I needed!

The boots are LL Bean and were $7 and the Snow Pants are Columbia and were only $5! It was good thing I bought these when I did because they quickly went into use!

Kids chairs were on my list and I found FOUR of them at the Wadsworth Goodwill, but they were in need of some serious cleaning, which I just don't have the energy for right now. 

And this is when it pays off to know an elementary school teacher! My friend Erin offered to give me two of these!! 

Duck boots were also on my list. I found a pair by Sperry at the Manhattan Goodwill but they were the ankle version, not the calf-height boot. My friend Christine also spotted a pair of red Khumba boots at the Goodwill in North Olmsted, but sadly they weren't my size. 

And last but not least was a plaid mug. I have been looking for one at the thrift stores since LAST YEAR and have yet to come across one. Who knew that plaid mugs were such a rarity? Someone, anyone, please find me a flippin' plaid mug!

So, four out of six. Not bad! The boots and mug will remain on my list until I find them... even if they go out of style. Can't stop won't stop. Once the search is on, it never ends. 

Time to go check out what Dina was able to find from her Thrift List


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  1. You had much more luck than I did. Those snow boots are great, they seem like sturdy quality. Love your hair in a bun! I have yet to see a plaid mug in over a year as well.

  2. I'm seriously going to have to look for that plaid mug for you! I should be able to find one since plaid is not as popular here as there. Okay, I have to tell you: Went to my very favorite thrift store Monday. Holli and I took off on the 2 hour trip there on Sunday afternoon, spent the night at a lovely hotel and then went there first thing in the morning..............I cannot tell you how wonderful the buys were! 3 perfect Brooks Brothers shirts for one of the boys - $2.50 each! Nautica and Woolf Brothers shirts $5 each! Holli got a business suit for work $10. I got sweat pants and hoodies galore (all brand new from various schools around the state) for $2.50 each. McAlester Oklahoma Goodwill!! it has rocked the great prices for the 10 years I've been going there! No plaid mug though, darn it!

    1. What a FUN girls weekend, Kelli!!! Sounds like you guys hada major haul!! And seriosuly, if you can find a plaid mug I will deem you the best thrifter ever :)

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