October {READER} Thrift Challenge: Kids Halloween Costumes

photos via halloweencostumes.com

So excited to be doing a READER challenge this month! We want YOU to  get creative with your kid's Halloween costumes and make it using clothes and accessories from the thrift store! If you're in need of some inspiration, check out my Kid Costumes Pinterest board. There are so many genius ideas! Here are just a few:

Ace Ventura // Costume-Works.com
Charlie Brown // source unknown
Walt & Jesse from Breaking Bad  // via Buzzfeed
Forest Gump and Lt. Dan // via Buzzfeed

Here are all the details to participate:

1 | A majority of the costume needs to be made with clothes and accessories from a thrift store.
2 | You do NOT need to have a blog or website to participate.
3 | Leave me a note in the comments or send me an email at somethingtobefound(at)gmail.com to let me know you're participating.
4 | Be Creative!!!

1 | Submit 2-3 quality photos of the costume via email to somethingtobefound(at)gmail.com NO LATER than Monday, October 27th at 8pm. Include your name, where you're from, your blog or website address (if  you have one), details on where you thrifted the costume from, and how much it cost.
2 | Photos from each participant will be posted here on the blog and on our social media sites on Wednesday October 29th.
3 | One participant will be chosen at random to receive a custom hand painted sign. The winner will be announced on Halloween -- Friday, October 31st.

Kid costume photos via halloweencostumes.com

Don't have a kid to dress up? No problem! Head over to Dina's Days to read the details on her Halloween thrift challenge for adults.


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