Girls Thrift Night Out at Goodwill Kent

On Saturday Dina and I hosted our first Girls Thrift Night Out and it was a trifecta of perfection -- food/drinks, funny friends, and thrifting! The night started at Bricco with a meet and greet over dinner. I think we were the first group to ever respond with "thrifting" when asked by our waitress what we were there to celebrate.

After dinner we made our way to Goodwill Kent to teach our Thrift Shopping class.

During class Dina and I share 20 of our bests thrift shopping tips like how to be prepared before you get to the thrift store, how to spot good pieces in a huge rack of clothes, and how to decorate your home with common thrift store items.

Look at these happy faces all ready to go FILL their bags!

Let the shopping begin!!

Sister-Duo Sarah and Colleen did some serious damage! Colleen ended up leaving he fur coat behind, but look at the glass globe lamp that Sarah scooped up. She's lucky I didn't see that first! But I know where she lives... 

How amazing does Heather look! She was given this blue blazer by a co-worker several months ago and hadn't worn it because she was having trouble styling it. Dina gave her some ideas and look what she came up with!! We were all cat-calling her from across the store when she came out lookin' like this!

Becky and Laura are both brand new to thrifting and they had a great time! 

Sara (The Guru Goddess) got a few great tops and this adorable side table that she plans to paint. 

Dina and I loved walking around to see what treasures everyone was finding. Courtney had a cart full of stuff, including the most ADORABLE little white fur boots for her daughter. She also found a pair of white denim capris that fit her like a glove! 

Kristin and Kristen, cousin-duo, walked away with some gems! Kristin found this leather Nautica purse for $3 and Kristen found a skirt and some super cute cardigans. My favorite quote of the night was Kristen saying "I would have never gone to a thrift store on my own but now I have the confidence to do it." 

Dina wasn't leaving this vintage leather office chair behind. 

This Eames-style shell chair was my favorite find from the night!

Good thing we were there at the end of the night when all the other shoppers had left. We made for a verrrrrryy long line.

What. A. Night. These girls cleaned UP at Goodwill Kent and now they all want to know when we can do it again!

Well, Good news! We're in the process of planning future "Girls Thrift Night Out" events. If you'd like to attend one, or even host your own group of friends, leave a comment or send me an email here and we'll get it scheduled. 


  1. wOW !!! Looks like so much fun ! If only we had such places here in Dubai :(

  2. It was great meeting everyone and I really learned a lot from your session! I am going to be thrifting more often!

  3. It was so much fun! Thanks for putting this together. I can't wait to show you my finished projects!

    1. Thanks for coming!! How are those projects shaping up?

  4. That looks wonderful! Wish I was nearer so that you could teach me your ways. ;)

    1. Tara!! How are you guys doing !??? Hope all is well for your adorable family. Maybe Dina and I need to teach an online class!!

  5. This sounds like a BLAST! Love it.

    Thrifting Diva

    1. There was such great energy with everyone boppin' around and finding stuff and trying it on. It was a great night!

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