Easy Polka Dot Pumpkin | Goodwill Project #24

I broke my own rule.

I went to Goodwill Northfield, two kids in tow, without a specific list or a plan.
Normally this wouldn’t be too much of a problem because I love browsing, digging and spending entirely way too much time at the thrift store. But those two kids – nope -- not on their watch.

I was hoping to find something I could DIY into Fall decor but after 45 minutes of aimlessly browsing the housewares section, I had nothing…except a crying baby and a 3 year old repeatedly asking “when we go to Chick-Fil-A?”

One last quick look and I spotted – GASP! – a white milk glass pedestal cake plate hiding underneath a stack of metal pans!

But hold the ovens. No cake would be pedestaled upon this here plate. It was fit for pedestaling a pumpkin. A polka dot pumpkin!

I picked up this striped shirt from the kid’s section to use for my colorful polka dots.

I traced a quarter and then cut out the dots using fabric scissors.

I then glued the dots to the pumpkin using fabric mod podge.

And there it is! An EASY, pedestaled polka dot pumpkin!


  1. Wish I'd known you'd like a milk glass cake pedestal...I've got a family heirloom one and you're more than welcome to it whenever you'd like it. :) You should come shopping at the Neubauer's sometime. You could go home with a lot for free!

    1. Thanks for the offer Peggy, I may tke you up on that!! Have any vintage Christmas stuff you want to get rid of? I am doing the Cleveland Flea on Nov 22 & 23 and it's a holiday theme!