November Thrift Challenge: Thrift Lists

Happy Halloween!! Before getting to the November Challenge I want to thank Emily and Tina for submitting their kid's costumes to the October {Reader} Thrift Challenge. The winner of the custom, hand painted sign is... Emily! Congratulations!

Sources: 1. Mug (source unknown), 2. Kids Boots, 3. Snowpants, 4. Sweatshirt, 5. Kids Chair, 6. Duck boot

One of the tips that Dina and I share at our thrift classes is to be prepared with a list. I wrote about this here a few months ago. Having a list keeps you focused, saving you time and money! For the November Challenge Dina and I will be tackling our own thrift lists. We each picked a few items and will be on the hunt to find them within the next 30 days. 

1. The plaid mug has been on my list FOREVER and I have yet to find one. Thrift stores will be putting out a lot of Christmas stuff starting next week so hopefully the odds are in my favor.

2 & 3. I've found one set of snow pants and snow boots at the thrift store but I still need another set. I've come across a lot of boots lately, but they've all looked pretty worn out. I'm feeling confident that I'll be able to find these.

4. A stylish, cozy, long sweatshirt is another item that's been on my list for a long time. I've come across several that are close to what I'm looking for but the either end up being too tight, too short, or too wide in the neck.

5. I've had a lot of luck re-selling kids chairs at the Cleveland Flea so I am always keeping an eye out for these.

6. For a long time I've wanted moccasin boots that I can wear in the winter when these are no longer weather-appropriate. I found a short pair like these at Plato's Closet last week and they looked kinda stupid on me. So, I've moved on to duck boots. I have a feeling of all the things on my list these will be the hardest to find. 

Wish me luck!! Let's go see what Dina has on her list. 

Easy Polka Dot Pumpkin | Goodwill Project #24

I broke my own rule.

I went to Goodwill Northfield, two kids in tow, without a specific list or a plan.
Normally this wouldn’t be too much of a problem because I love browsing, digging and spending entirely way too much time at the thrift store. But those two kids – nope -- not on their watch.

I was hoping to find something I could DIY into Fall decor but after 45 minutes of aimlessly browsing the housewares section, I had nothing…except a crying baby and a 3 year old repeatedly asking “when we go to Chick-Fil-A?”

One last quick look and I spotted – GASP! – a white milk glass pedestal cake plate hiding underneath a stack of metal pans!

But hold the ovens. No cake would be pedestaled upon this here plate. It was fit for pedestaling a pumpkin. A polka dot pumpkin!

I picked up this striped shirt from the kid’s section to use for my colorful polka dots.

I traced a quarter and then cut out the dots using fabric scissors.

I then glued the dots to the pumpkin using fabric mod podge.

And there it is! An EASY, pedestaled polka dot pumpkin!

October {Reader} Thrift Challenge Reveal: Kid's Halloween Costumes

When it comes to Halloween costumes, I love the challenge of being resourceful. It's fun figuring out how to replicate the character and props by using things you already own, borrwing items from friends, and of course buying stuff from the thrift store. These three sets of costumes did just that. Check out all the thrifty details below on how to make Luigi & Mario, a Fireman with his truck and Dalmatian, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. 

ENTRY #1: Tina | DIY Luigi & Mario Costumes 

What a perfect costume for two brothers. And so simple to make! The green and red shirts came from village outlet thrift store. The hats were handmade with foam and felt, the suspenders were made from ribbon and felt, and the moustaches are from the dollar store. Princess Peach will be one lucky lady when these two show up to save her! 

ENTRY #2: Emily | DIY Fireman & Dalmatian Costume

If cuteness plays a factor in how much candy you get on Halloween, these two will need to bring extra bags! Their mom, Emily, only spent $12.22 total to make these costumes. More impressive than that though -- she deconstructed a men's black button-up shirt and re-sewed it to a size 2T! She deserves extra candy for that! 

The Thrifty Details:

Hooded Fleece Romper | $5 | Ebay
Floppy Ears made from Fleece | $0 | Already Owned

Black Shirt | $.99 | Salvation Army
Black Pants | $1 | The Snooty Fox
Yellow & Silver Duct Tape | $5.23 | Michaels
Boots | $0 | Borrowed
Fireman Hat | $0 | Borrowed
Felt Letters | $0 | Already Owned
Ladder | $0 | Scrap Wood
TOTAL: $12.22

#3: My Crew of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

This challenge was the toughest yet of the 10 we've done! I wanted to throw in the towel several times and just go buy brand new costumes at Target for $30 each. But in the spirit of the Thrift Challenge I challenged myself to keep going. It only took a mere FIVE trips to different thrift stores because I kept forgetting things, but seeing my 4 guys dressed in wonky, homemade Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles made it worth every second!

The Thrifty Details:

2 Green Sweatshirts & a Green Thermal Shirt | $5.67 | Value World Thrift
3 Yellow T-Shirts | $2.07 | Value World Thrift
4 Colored T-Shirts (for masks and arm bands) | $4.36 | Value World Thrift
N's Green pants | $1.99 | Salvation Army
C's Green Pants | $0 | Already Owned
D's Green Pants | $4.09 | Value World Thrift
3 Seat Cushions | $2.40 | Goodwill Kent
Yellow Onesie | $1.12 | Unique Thrift Store
Green Onesie and Green Baby Pants | $0 | Already Owned
3 Swords | $4.50 | Unique Thrift Store
1 Stick | $0 | Found in the Yard
TOTAL: $22.70

I racked my brain on what to use for their turtle shells. I spotted these seat cushions at Goodwill Kent and had my solution!! I forgot to take a "before" picture so this was taken after 1 side had already been spray painted.

Each Ninja Turtle costume included a green shirt and green pants for the body. The yellow shirt was turned inside out and muscles were added using a sharpie marker. A colored t-shirt was used to make the mask and arm bands. A seat cushion completed the costume as the turtle shell.

N kept referring to his costume as a "Teenager." 

I know that each turtle carries a specific weapon, but I didn't think the kids would care so I just bought three random swords and called it a day. Well C was QUICK to let me know (between tears) that Leonardo has TWO swords, Michelangelo has nunchucks, Raphael has "a sword with 2 pointy things like the Ohio State field goal," and Donatello has a stick! Thankfully we got it all worked out (minus the nunchucks for Baby B.)

Cranky little turtle is mad that he doesn't have his nunchucks.

C told me he liked his costume, but if I had any doubt, finding this made it official:

Dina challenged her reader's to make adult Halloween costumes. She took on Carmen Miranda for herself, and based on this sneak peek I think she nailed it! Let's head over to Dina's Days to see the results from her and her readers! 

Winners will be drawn at random and announced on Friday! 


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Girls Thrift Night Out at Goodwill Kent

On Saturday Dina and I hosted our first Girls Thrift Night Out and it was a trifecta of perfection -- food/drinks, funny friends, and thrifting! The night started at Bricco with a meet and greet over dinner. I think we were the first group to ever respond with "thrifting" when asked by our waitress what we were there to celebrate.

After dinner we made our way to Goodwill Kent to teach our Thrift Shopping class.

During class Dina and I share 20 of our bests thrift shopping tips like how to be prepared before you get to the thrift store, how to spot good pieces in a huge rack of clothes, and how to decorate your home with common thrift store items.

Look at these happy faces all ready to go FILL their bags!

Let the shopping begin!!

Sister-Duo Sarah and Colleen did some serious damage! Colleen ended up leaving he fur coat behind, but look at the glass globe lamp that Sarah scooped up. She's lucky I didn't see that first! But I know where she lives... 

How amazing does Heather look! She was given this blue blazer by a co-worker several months ago and hadn't worn it because she was having trouble styling it. Dina gave her some ideas and look what she came up with!! We were all cat-calling her from across the store when she came out lookin' like this!

Becky and Laura are both brand new to thrifting and they had a great time! 

Sara (The Guru Goddess) got a few great tops and this adorable side table that she plans to paint. 

Dina and I loved walking around to see what treasures everyone was finding. Courtney had a cart full of stuff, including the most ADORABLE little white fur boots for her daughter. She also found a pair of white denim capris that fit her like a glove! 

Kristin and Kristen, cousin-duo, walked away with some gems! Kristin found this leather Nautica purse for $3 and Kristen found a skirt and some super cute cardigans. My favorite quote of the night was Kristen saying "I would have never gone to a thrift store on my own but now I have the confidence to do it." 

Dina wasn't leaving this vintage leather office chair behind. 

This Eames-style shell chair was my favorite find from the night!

Good thing we were there at the end of the night when all the other shoppers had left. We made for a verrrrrryy long line.

What. A. Night. These girls cleaned UP at Goodwill Kent and now they all want to know when we can do it again!

Well, Good news! We're in the process of planning future "Girls Thrift Night Out" events. If you'd like to attend one, or even host your own group of friends, leave a comment or send me an email here and we'll get it scheduled. 

October {READER} Thrift Challenge: Kids Halloween Costumes

photos via

So excited to be doing a READER challenge this month! We want YOU to  get creative with your kid's Halloween costumes and make it using clothes and accessories from the thrift store! If you're in need of some inspiration, check out my Kid Costumes Pinterest board. There are so many genius ideas! Here are just a few:

Ace Ventura //
Charlie Brown // source unknown
Walt & Jesse from Breaking Bad  // via Buzzfeed
Forest Gump and Lt. Dan // via Buzzfeed

Here are all the details to participate:

1 | A majority of the costume needs to be made with clothes and accessories from a thrift store.
2 | You do NOT need to have a blog or website to participate.
3 | Leave me a note in the comments or send me an email at somethingtobefound(at) to let me know you're participating.
4 | Be Creative!!!

1 | Submit 2-3 quality photos of the costume via email to somethingtobefound(at) NO LATER than Monday, October 27th at 8pm. Include your name, where you're from, your blog or website address (if  you have one), details on where you thrifted the costume from, and how much it cost.
2 | Photos from each participant will be posted here on the blog and on our social media sites on Wednesday October 29th.
3 | One participant will be chosen at random to receive a custom hand painted sign. The winner will be announced on Halloween -- Friday, October 31st.

Kid costume photos via

Don't have a kid to dress up? No problem! Head over to Dina's Days to read the details on her Halloween thrift challenge for adults.