September Thrift Challenge Reveal: Denim & Stripes

Earlier in the month I got rid of a ton of clothes during a mass closet clean out. My goal is to rebuild my closet with staple pieces that fit my very relaxed style. I've worn the same white v-neck boyfriend tee for the past 5 days so I'm really in need of some new options. Thankfully Dina challenged me with this super relaxed, perfect-for-Fall, denim and stripe ensemble.

The Thrifty Details:

Striped Shirt, Style & Co | $2.78 | Goodwill Northfield
Jeans, Express | $3.99 | Unique Thrift Store
Purse, Braciano| $3.75 | Unique Thrift Store
Sandals, Merona | $1.20 | Goodwill Northfield
TOTAL: $11.72

Striped tops are fairly easy to come by at the thrift store but I wasn't sure if I'd be able to find one that was loose fitting yet still somewhat flattering. I really love this Style & Co top that I found at Goodwill Northfield. It's made of a sweatshirt material (right up my alley!) and it has some nice detail along the waist, neck and sleeves. Plus it's loose in the waist area which is a requirement for my clothes nowadays.

The jeans were not rippsed and torn when I purchased them so I did a little DIY action on these to rough 'em up. Full tutorial coming later in the week!

I can't hold a stylish bag on one arm and an 80 pound baby carrier on the other arm, so rather than finding a bag similar to the one in the original picture, I went more practical with a cross-body bag. 

And per usual a child or two wanted to get in on the photo action.

Baby B was NOT happy about the photoshoot... he put an end to it: 

But let's not end on spit up. Here's the outfit one more time side by side with the inspiration outfit. Shirt, jeans, purse and shoes for just $11.72!

Now let's head over to Dina's Days to see how Dina recreated this preppy chic outfit that I challenged her with. And while you're there, be sure to wish her a happy birthday! She just celebrated her 30th!!! 

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  1. This is a perfect fall outfit. I love your hair in a bun! You really nailed this. Not only did you find a striped top but you found just the right fit too. Baby B's drool just seals the deal. Fantastic job!

  2. Hi Katie, I would love to talk to you for a story I'm doing on easy upcycling projects. Please call me at 330-996-3756. Thanks -- Mary Beth Breckenridge, Akron Beacon Journal.

  3. How is it possible you just had a baby? You look AMAZING! Love your thrifted look.

  4. My post baby body NEEDS this outfit! Can I hire you as my thrifting personal shopper?!

  5. I personally like your top better than the one you were looking for! So pretty!

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