DIY Fabric Hoops | Goodwill Project #22

I've shared these DIY Fabric Hoops before but never with a tutorial. It may look like there's a meeellion steps, but these are quick and super easy! 

Supplies Needed:
1 – Embroidery Hoops
2 – Fabric from Goodwill (Could be anything… shirt, skirt, bed sheet, etc.)
4 – Scissors
5 – Hot Glue

Step 1: Purchase hoops and some fabric from your local Goodwill. If you can't find hoops at Goodwill, they can be purchased for a few bucks at the local craft store.

Step 2: Determine the area of fabric you’d like to use in your hoop.

Step 3: Cut out the fabric for the hoop leaving an inch or two extra around the edges.

Step 4: Cut out long strips of a different fabric about 3/4” wide.

Step 5: Separate the inner hoop from the outer hoop. Wrap the strips of fabric around the outer hoop securing with hot glue along the way.

Step 6: Center your piece of fabric on top of the inner hoop.

Step 7: Loosen the screw on the outer hoop.

Step 8: Place the outer hoop on top of the fabric and press down.

Step 9: Tighten screw then trim off the excess fabric.

Step 10: Repeat steps 1-9 using different patterned fabrics (and pom poms!!), then create yourself a colorful gallery wall of hoops. 


  1. I probably have about 47 embroidery hoops because I just can't seem to pass them up when I spot them at Goodwill. I've never paid more than .99 cents for them. Such a deal! I love that tee shirt you used AND the fabrics you used were so colorful and happy. And, I love the pompom trim you added to the one.

  2. I love this idea! I have some of those old-fashioned stuff-it-yourself Christmas ornaments that you used to buy at the fabric store? I bought a bunch of those (not cut out) at a yard sale - and I can do this with them for the Christmas tree - and Andy can help me!!!