Cravings, Emotions and Other Pregnant Stuff

I was recently approached by the girls over at Cord Mama to share some thoughts on my pregnancy. My initial response: "I'm huge. I'm over it. Let's have this baby!"

...But then I read the rest of their email and saw this list of questions:

  • How far along are you?
  • How are you feeling physically?
  • How are you feeling emotionally
  • How have you been preparing for childbirth?
  • What do you love most about being pregnant?
  • Any cravings?
  • What makes you feel best right now?

My 9-word response wouldn't cut it. I actually had to take some time to think about these questions and formulate a coherent answer. Do these girls know I am pregnant!? Thinking is a lot of work!!

But pregnancy brain and all, I made it through the questions and am so grateful to have these thoughts written down! You see, with my first two pregnancies I maintained a Belly Book Journal full of thoughts, current events, and photos. I bought a Belly Book for this pregnancy and wrote in it diligently the first few weeks, but then I got hit with Week 8 Nausea and the Belly Book got tucked away in my nightstand never to see the light of day again...

Until today!! I am SO HAPPY that I'll be able to print off my answers and include them in the book. I am also re-energized to start writing in it again and to finally print off some pictures to include as well.

THANK YOU Monet and Kelsey from Cord Mama for making me think!

Click HERE to read the full post over at Cord Mama.


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