5 things I Never Did Before This Weekend

Each year the city of Seville (about an hour south of Cleveland) hosts the largest city wide yard sale in the area. I sadly knew nothing about this, but thankfully Dina clued me in! At the center of town is house, after house, after house, after house, after house, after house, after house (get the point yet?), after house of sales! I finally got to use the cart I bought at a sale last summer,although it looks kinda dinky next to Dina's red hot Cadillac!

After a few hours of shopping we grabbed lunch at American Heritage Restaurant in downtown Seville. If it was socially acceptable I would have ordered ten of their chocolate milkshakes. Instead I stopped at one and saved myself an hour-long drive home of pain and regret.

My favorite purchase from the day was this vintage mint school desk! It's a gem regardless of the price, but since I only paid FIVE DOLLARS it kinda makes it one of the best deals ever! I shared this pic on Instagram and the sweet old man got lots of LOVE from the ladies!

For the past 25 years University Circle in Cleveland has put on this artistic parade that draws a crowd upwards of 50,000! Our family is a little late to the party, like 25 years late, but now we're in the know!

We are familiar with typical city parades -- candy, convertibles, politicians, fire trucks, and marching bands. Parade the Circle is not your typical city parade. Filled with artistic floats, handmade costumes, live music, acrobatics, stilt walkers, and belly dancers, it felt more like a family-friendly version of a Mardi Gras parade (at least what I imagine Mardi Gras to be like in my head, minus the boobs, beads and beer. I've never actually been...)

Next year we plan to get there an hour earlier so we can partake in the festivities on Wade Oval which include live music performances, tons of booths from local schools and cultural institutions, kids crafts, and food.

This was my first time going to the Cleveland Flea as a shopper and not a vendor. The kids got popsicles from Chill Pop Shop and Dan got a beer as soon as we got there (most important things first!)

We leisurely browsed through the booths, played some ping pong and stopped to chat with several of the vendors. When the popsicles were finished, and the boy's hands were free, they started touching waaay too many things. As in every. single. thing. we passed. So we started to head out, but not before I made at least one purchase! I have been eyeing the Lucky Penny Pouch necklace from Fount since last November and beelined over to their booth to finally get it. Of course it was stolen immediately by this one:

Good news though -- Fount is working on a children's line for the Fall! Just in time for holiday shopping! What kid wouldn't want a little leather pouch for storing special treasures?

We then tried to leave again but got persuaded by the kids to stop at the Donut Lab food truck. Which, by the way, makes the most amazing, hot, melt-in-your-mouth donuts we've ever tasted!

Our printer runs out of ink faster than we run out of groceries. And replacement ink is around $60!! I finally decided to give that paperclip trick a try (the one that is all over Pinterest), but in searching for the how-to for that trick I came across this blog post from Jessie Weaver, How to Save Big Bucks on Printer Ink Cartridges. I followed her search term suggestions on Amazon and found our set of cartridges for ONLY $4.48, including shipping!! They arrived on Saturday and... they worked perfectly! Thank you Jessie Weaver!

Thinking like a frat boy, Dan moved our TV to the porch to watch the World Cup. Sadly he had a wife and two kids out there with him quickly diminishing any frat-like similarities....

...Oh. my. gosh. It just hit me. Soon there will be 4 guys in this house! They ARE a fraternity and Dan's the president! He's been plotting this all along! I am living in a frat house!!

Did you do something new this past weekend that you've never done before? Share in the comments!


  1. I had so much fun on Friday! And I LOLed at the TV, what a great idea.

    1. The TV will be making MANY more appearances on the porch this summer!

  2. I had a great time going along with you! I'm so glad that you went to a citywide yard sale, those are my favorite kind, especially in a small town! I can't believe you did it with you being SOOOOO pregnant! :)

    1. I've been to a few neighborhood sales but never a citywide one! Hope to find a few more this summer!

  3. Your frat house looks pretty civilized so far -- hopefully it stays that way when the next member arrives. ;-) The Seville citywide sales sound great, I love those! Makes yard-saleing more efficient.

    1. Total efficiency!! But they draw big crowds so its a little harder to find the diamonds in the rough.

  4. It sounds like you had a fantastic weekend. That parade looks amazing and I'm jealous of your little green desk!!

    1. It was such a steal! I literally asked "Is this the right price!?!"

  5. Oh my goodness. What a fun post. The parade looked so interesting. So many cool things to see...I think I would take that over candy any day.

    I also loved your comment about how your husband is getting his dream of living in a fraternity house. That is hilarious.

    But I was hoping to see an update post about the baby...though, your pregnancy pictures were just as adorable.

    1. All is well on the baby front -- still have about 4-6 more weeks! We hit 90 here today so I have the AC on FULL blast!! :)

  6. We're living and breathing World Cup over here. Planning a party for the final game. :)

  7. That desk!!! I am super jealous of that steal! Cleveland looks like a wonderful place to be and your boys are too cute! (:

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