This Vintage Sports Bedroom is Where it All Began...

I did an interview back in December with Sarah from Girl Grows Up and one of the questions she asked was "When did you start thrifting?" The answer, in three words, "decorating this room." 

The answer in two hundred words: 

In the summer of 2011 we were moving our then 2.5 year old from the baby room to his own “big boy” room. Baby #2 was on the way so I wanted him to have a really special room that was all about him and his love of sports. I wanted it to be something he could grow with — something classy and sophisticated. Envision old black and white photos, leather and brass accents, hardbound books, hunter green and burgundy fabrics — basically a cigar lounge at a country club.
Thankfully that vision didn’t pan out! He’s a 2-year-old not an 85-year-old, retired executive! The game changer: a $4 pair of old, well-worn, boxing gloves that I discovered at a garage sale on Cleveland’s east side. Vintage sports became the new theme and it just snowballed from there…
I started finding vintage golf clubs, skis, tennis rackets, baseball bats, and sports pennants. I became obsessed with finding these little pieces of history to include in his room. The thrill of the hunt and the adrenaline rush of “the find” had me coming back for more… weekend, after weekend. Creating that special room, and loving the result, is what started my passion for buying second-hand.
3 years ago when C saw his new room for the first time. 

If you're on Pinterest (and c'mon, who isn't!?) you may have seen this picture of the Ball mason jar filled with baseballs. I uploaded it directly to Pinterest a few years ago because I didn't have a blog at the time. Since then it's been repinned 4,155 times!! Unfortunately anyone who clicked on it to see more pictures was just taken to my old Flickr account. Now, three years and a blog later, I've got wayyyy more photos and all the thrifty details to share! 


The dresser area is my favorite section of the room because of the HUGE Ball Mason jar. I bought it at a garage sale for $3! THREE DOLLARS! I've never seen another one like it so I've considered submitting it to Country Living Magazine's "How Much is it Worth" appraisal team, but if any of you know a thing or two about it, please share in the comments! 

Thankfully we live next door to a baseball coach and he was able to provide us with an endless supply of old-looking baseballs for filling the jar.

We searched Craigslist for a used white dresser but everything was either too big or too girly. I really wanted everything in this room to be thrifted, but I was 8 months pregnant, time was running out, and my nesting was in overdrive so we splurged and bought the Ikea Hemnes dresser for $229. 

Dresser Area - Thrifty Details
Hemnes Dresser | Ikea | $229
5 Gallon Ball Mason Jar | Garage Sale | $3
Old Baseballs | Neighbor | FREE
Metal "5" Sign | Garage Sale | $5
Kids Red Converse All Star Shoes | Community Rummage Sale | $1
Vintage Flash Cards (turned into garland) | Garage Sale | $1
Vintage Baseball Bat | $1
Wire Basket | Home Goods | $7ish
Vintage Deluxe Children Classic Books | $1-$3 each
Cast Iron Race Car with Driver | Garage Sale | $3
Red & White Striped Rug | Ikea | $2.99
Vintage Red Metal Stool | The Sampler in Hudson | $20
Vintage Baseball Mitt | Garage Sale | $2


Hanging on the wall are the $4 vintage boxing gloves that started my obsession with thrifting. They are also probably the most germ-infested thing in the entire room. I am hoping I doused those in Lysol at some point...

The vintage pennants have become one of my favorite things to hunt for and collect. The Ohio State pennant (my alma mater) was found at an estate sale for $1! Even though we have more than enough pennants, I still find myself buying them at sales. I guess once you start collecting something it's hard to stop... which is probably why I have a 10 gallon Rubbermaid tub full of trolls in my attic! Do you have any items that you always buy when you're out thrifting?

Bed Corner - Thrifty Details
Headboard (spray painted white) | Garage Sale | $10
Square, Ralph Lauren Pillows | HomeGoods Clearance | $12ish
Long Striped Pillow | Macy's Clearance | $10ish
Brown Plaid Blanket | Estate Sale | $4
Vintage Wooden Skis | Garage Sale | $2
Vintage Golf Club Covers | Garage Sale | $1
Wooden Golf Club | Garage Sale | $1
Vintage Baseball Mitt | Garage Sale | $2
Vintage Boxing Gloves | Garage Sale | $4
Vintage Tennis Rackets | Garage Sales | $1 ea.
Pennants | Garage Sales, Estate Sales, Antique Stores | $1-$5 ea.
Baseball Mitt Lamp | HomeGoods | Gift
Red Vintage Books | Thrift Store | $0.50 ea.
White Hemnes Nightstand | Ikea | $69.99
Little Lyon Guitar | Garage Sale | $3
Green Wooden Bench (w/ added distressing) | Garage Sale | $10
Wire Crate | Garage Sale | $1


One thing I love about buying second-hand is that there's always a story that goes along with each item. This wicker chair for instance was found at my very last stop of a neighborhood garage sale. I only had $25 left and the cute, older couple was asking $50 for it. The couple was so sweet and kindly accepted my offer of $25. I think they may have felt bad for me being 8 months pregnant in the middle of the summer! On top of the discount, the wife even gifted me a few bars of her handmade all-natural soap that she was selling. What good people! This is no longer just The Wicker Chair, it's The Good People Soap Chair. 

Sitting Corner - Thrifty Details
Wicker Chair | Garage Sale | $25
Red Cushion | Pier One Imports (Clearance)
Red Ralph Lauren Ticking Stripe Pillow | HomeGoods | $19
Plaid Blanket | Thrift Store | $3
Globe | Kiwanis Club Garage Sale | $4
Wooden Cola Crates | Garage Sales | $5 - $10 ea.
Vintage Looking Baseball, Football and Basketball | Hobby Lobby
Vintage Buddy L Green & Yellow Dump Truck | Givits | $1
Vintage Bingo Card | Antique Store | $0.50
Red Lantern | Thrift Store | $3
Kids Black Converse All Star Shoes | Community Rummage Sale | $1
Pennants | Garage Sales and Gifts
Handy Andy Tool Box | The Sampler in Hudson | $7ish


These hallway pictures may look familiar. They were from my first ever Thrift Challenge project when Dina challenged me to make DIY Silhouettes. To learn how I made them, click here.

Hallway - Thrifty Details
Pennants | Garage Sales | $1-$5 ea.
Football Plate (Pottery Barn) | Garage Sale | $2
Green Letter C | Gift
Green Letter N | Garage Sale 
White Picture Frames | Goodwill | $2 ea.
Silhouettes | Made from thrifted book pages
Fabric Bunting | Made from scrap fabric
Number and Shape Bunting | Made from felt game pieces | $1
Normal Rockwell Sport Illustrations | Cut from a Norman Rockwell Book | $1
Clipboard & Vintage Flash Card | Garage Sales | $.50


The Bed Corner is now under construction! Baby #3 is due at the end of July (hopefully sooner!), which means the crib and nursery needed to be vacated stat. Thus, these two are now bunk mates! 

I'll share more about our long and frustrating bunk bed search in another post. But for now I am just happy the beds are here, that the boys are loving them, and that there was no arguing over who got the top bunk (N didn't have a fighting chance!)

And THAT was a LOT of photos and details! Thanks for sticking it through :) Share your thoughts in the comments! Would love to hear what kind of stuff you collect while out thrifting. Oh, and don't forget, let me know if you have any info on that HUGE Ball Mason Jar. I am really hoping it's a valuable, highly sought after, one of a kind antique :)  And if not, well, my dreams will be crushed and it will remain as a big ol' jar of baseballs on my kid's dresser.

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June Thrift Challenge Reveal: Summer Maternity Style

It's the June Thrift Challenge REVEAL day!! Dina and I switched it up this month and I gave her a DIY challenge and she gave me a fashion challenge. I had to recreate this cozy, hip (hip? do normal people still say that? should I say 'hipster'?), maternity outfit from Liz at Cotton & Curls. She's super talented with sewing! Look at this top she made out of a pillow sham or this lace skirt she made from curtains! SO TALENTED!

The Thrifty Details:

White Linen Maxi Skirt | $5 | Garage Sale
Grey T-Shirt | $2.49 | Goodwill
Fedora Hat | $5 | Village Discount
TOTAL: $12.49

The biggest challenge with this outfit was finding the white maxi skirt. I looked at five different thrift stores and also asked Dina to keep an eye out. We ended up finding two, but they just weren't quite right. I never expected to find the right one at a garage sale! The woman putting on the sale asked if I was looking for anything in particular and I said "Actually, I am looking for a white skirt similar to the one your friend over there is wearing." Her friend overheard me and literally started unzipping her skirt to take it off and sell it to me!! She was semi-kidding but would have definitely sold it if I begged! The lady putting on the sale said "I actually have two skirts very similar to that inside, let me go get them." She brought them out, I tried them on, and this is the one I bought!  Moral of the story -- when people ask you if you're looking for something in particular... tell them what you want! 

I wasn't planning to do a full-on photo shoot, but My dad started his own photography business, Three Driveway Media, a few years ago and he was the one doing the shooting so we got in a few extra shots as I tried to act like a model. HUGE props to fashion bloggers who do this all the time, it's super awkward! In this shot below I was trying to act all cool but then Dan and my brother started shouting out "Are you at a funeral!?" "Are you taking a moment of silence?" "Why does it look like you're praying?" So then I started laughing...

It's much easier to do photos like these where your face gets cropped out! 

One last side by side with the inspiration outfit by Liz from Cotton and Curls. Thanks to her for coming up with this hip, hippity, hipster, hippy summer maternity outfit! It's a nice change from the maternity tank top and shorts I've been wearing for the past 60 days straight! 

Now let's go see what Dina came up with for this month's DIY Challenge. Here's a a peek at what she's been working on: 

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Twinsie Tuesday: Alexa & Lindsay Lohan and Will Ferrell & Chad Smth

Over the past few years my dad has been developing his own Photography business, Three Driveway Media. At a recent shoot he worked with model, Alexa, to shoot some garments for one of his clients. He immediately texted me her picture with the message "TWINSIE TUESDAY!!!" Alexa could definitely take on some double work for Lindsay Lohan!

And just in case you haven't seen this yet... Will Ferrell and Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer) are CRAZY doppelganger, look-alike Twinsies!! Jimmy Fallon had them on a few weeks ago to compete in a "traditional" drum-off and it's well worth the 6 minutes to watch it!

DIY Painted Paddle | Goodwill Project #20

Over the past few years we’ve seen the Fox, Owl and Raccoon become “hip” animals. Songs have been written about them, planters and figurines are made in their shape, and their faces have been stitched across the chest of fashionable sweaters.

Was this the same kind of popularity that ducks had back in the eighties!??!

The thrift store is filled with COUNTLESS pieces of wooden d├ęcor covered with painted pictures of ducks, geese and mallards. I found this particular wooden paddle at the Goodwill on Waterloo for only $1. 

It sat in my basement for months (as do many of my random thrifted finds), until just recently when I was inspired by all the 4th of July vignettes I was seeing on Pinterest.

Just a little paint, tracing paper, and a sanding sponge was all it took to give this paddle a much-needed makeover.

Step 1: Buy a wooden paddle from Goodwill

Step 2: Flip it over and use the back side. If the back side happens to be painted as well, I recommend sanding down the paint otherwise the edges (blue circle and ducks) will show through.

Step 3: Using  Rustoleum’s 2x Ultra Cover White spray paint primer, spray 2-3 coats, allowing 20 minutes between each coat for drying

Step 4: Paint. I used a random can of blue paint I had on hand and made a quick mixture of DIY chalk paint so that it would be easier to sand. I never measure… I just grab a plastic cup from the cupboard, add 2-3 spoonfuls of plaster of paris, a little water, mix it together, add in paint, mix together again, and done! More detailed directions can be found here from I Heart Naptime.

Step 5: Tape off a few sections on the handle to make stripes. Print out a silhouette (in my case, the state of Ohio), and place a piece of tracing paper below it. Trace the outline, then fill in with white paint. For the stripes and silhouette I used white Annie Sloan chalk paint that I already had on hand.  

Step 6: I painted on a few red stars using basic red craft paint, let dry, and then sanded the whole paddle down using a fine grit sanding sponge.

I grouped the paddle with an ADORABLE pair of kid’s vintage red rain boots that I got from the Lakemore Goodwill for only $2.40, some American flags, an old galvanized bucket-turned-planter that I got at a garage sale, and of course some bunting! I made this bunting from plaid fabric napkins that were likely purchased at Goodwill a few years ago.

**This post was sponsored by Goodwill Industries of Akron. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.