May {Reader} Thrift Challenge REVEAL: Upcycle A Thrfited Chair

We are on month FIVE of the monthly Thrift Challenge series and today is the best day -- REVEAL DAY!! To catch up on past months, click HERE. This month we invited reader's to participate along with us, and wowza, they did not disappoint!!

Dina ( challenged us to upcycle a thrifted chair. I'll share my challenge results, followed by eleven submissions that will leave you wanting to paint, reupholster, yarn-wrap, or beer-cap-cover your own chair! 

I bought these two vintage metal outdoor chairs (aka motel chairs) off Craig's List last summer for $25 total! I gently sanded the areas with rust or peeling paint, then cleaned the each chair really well with soap and water using a regular scrub brush and a toothbrush to get in the tight spots. I applied 2-3 coats of primer, let dry overnight, then used Rustoleum's Ultra Cover 2x White Gloss on the arms/legs. Once I thought that was dry (like a measly hour later), I taped off the arms and legs using painter's tape and newspaper. I gave each chair 2-3 coats of Rustoleum's Ultra Cover 2x in Seaside and Sun Yellow. I let this dry for about 5 hours then removed the tape and the newspaper...

Turns out the arms/legs weren't completely dry when I wrapped them, therefore I was left with several noticeable spots of newspaper imprint. Gahhhh! I should've waited much longer than ONE hour before taping them off. Stupid! I was anxious to finish them, so I just layed a towel over the chair seat/back and hit the arms/legs with a few more shots of the white gloss to hide the newspaper imprints.

We now have some additional seating on our porch! I just need an outdoor rug to eliminate the awful, earbleed-causing screech of the metal against our concrete floor.

And now for the reader submissions!!

ENTRY #1: Kelly | Cleveland, OH | Great Lake Outfitters

Kelly Says: I found this Ikea Henriksdal chair at the side of the road. The bottom springs were broken, but it was an easy fix with a hammer and some nails. After some light cleaning, I took chair apart {legs off and the back and set were two pieces}. A good friend of mine gave me to vintage feed sacks that I used to cover the chair. One sack was used to wrap the back and part of the other was used for the seats. I cleaned the feed sacks as much as i could but some of the old marks/stains just did not come out but I think it adds character. I just cut and trim the sack and used a staple gun to put them in place. I bought some olive green upholstery trim from a estate sale for $1.50 and used it to cover where some of my staples were. Took me about five hours and all I spent was a $1.50!! 

ENTRY #2: Megan | Sharon Center, OH

Megan says: I found the chair at a thrift store (about a year ago) for $3. I used paint, stripper, and wood glue that I already had. I stripped off about four thick layers of paint from this bad boy (cream, black, green, and yellow), which took quite a long time. I sanded it and re-glued/reinforced the spindles before taping it off and spray painting it. The project was spread out between about 3 weeks (because I have been so busy this month!).

ENTRY #3: Carmen | Cleveland, OH

Carmen says: I had been looking for a bright and happy seating for my home office when I came across this old alumni chair at the Salvation Army for $20. I started by roughly sanding down the surface and then I spray painted the whole thing white (2 cans). I had some left over yellow spray paint from another project and used it to lightly coat the top and bottom of the chair to get an ombre look (1/2 bottle). I bought some needlepoint thread from Michael's and used it to wrap the spindles to give the chair more color and a bit of fun. This took WAY longer then I anticipated. So much so that after an evening of binge watching HGTV and wrapping the spindles I just had to stop for my sanity's sake. I'm going break for a few days and then finish off the rest of the spindles with the remainder of the yellow, turquoise and pink thread. 

ENTRY #4: Christine | Cleveland, Oh | Mama's Happy Stuff

Christine says: I got the chair at a barn sale with my friend, Leah. It was hiding in the part of the barn they had made a party room in, but they said pretty much anything was for sale. When we were paying for our stash, a goat walked up and started smelling our piles! Anyway, it was $5. I've had it for at least a year. I used two $1 paint brushes (one for each coat because I HATE washing brushes so I just toss them) and one of those cute sample color paints from Lowes. I pretty much love it. It's the perfect color for it's new house- my dining room!

ENTRY #5: Kelli | Norman, OK | Kelli's Kitchen

Kelli says: I got the card table set at a yard sale in the boondocks and the brown metal chairs are from the thrift store on 23rd, family thrift. That's very old contact paper on the metal seats - YUK! So, I bought primer, colors and a shower curtain from Walmart. Then we sanded, painted, cut fabric, and attached it. 3 hours work time about 12 altogether drying time. Cost? $25 total!

ENTRY #6: Anna | Cleveland, OH | Cleveland Renaissance Man

Anna says: I bought this rusty metal stool at an estate sale for $10. I scrubbed it clean, taped off the areas I wanted to keep chippy, then spray painted it white. I sealed everything with a matte finish clear coat spray paint to prevent it from further chipping. 

ENTRY #7: Cristin | Buffalo, NY | Eve of Reduction

Cristin says: I purchased this 1930s sewing rocker at an estate sale for $40. It originally had a cane weave for the seat and chair back. This had all been removed at the time of purchase. I decided to replace the cane weave with a wooden board, topped with foam and soft, wool felt. I hand embroidered the felt to jazz it up. The back of the rocker was a design challenge because it was curved. There wasn't a way to curve my board, so I used that to my design advantage. To pull the fabric out to fill the gap from the curve, I used the holes from the cane weave to create a "corset" across the back of the chair.

ENTRY #8: Dina | Akron, OH | Dina's Days

Dina pulled this chair out of the trash in an all-star creepy fashion! Go HERE to read her full blog post on how this chair made it home and how she painted it. 

ENTRY #9: Kristin R. | Cleveland, OH

Kristin says: I corrupted a little church chair! I got this at a garage sale ages ago for one dolla!!! I was going to paint it and decided it had the perfect indents for beer caps!! Original plan was to do the seat and back however the shellac drips right between those slats of wood! So it's just the seat for now :) I may cover the rest of this bad boy with paper beer be continued...

ENTRY #10: Laura S. | Akron, OH | Lisa and Laura Write

Laura says: These stools were given to us after they didn’t sell at a friend’s garage sale almost ten years ago. For whatever reason, they’ve survived a few moves, decor changes and surrounding upgrades. We’ve actually gone so far as to cut them down from bar height to counter height to keep them in our house. No clue why. In the beginning, they were espresso and then white and now white with a fun, more comfortable, durable print.

Stools: Free
Raincoat Fabric: $6.37 for half a yard at Hobby Lobby
Batting: Leftover from previous project
White Paint: Leftover from previous project

Super-easy upgrade. I wanted something more comfortable than raffia (or whatever the material is called) so I went hunting for a durable, outdoor fabric. Then I landed on this vinyl coated fabric used to make raincoats. Washable, more comfortable and cute. Perfect! I simply, unscrewed the screws holding the tops on the stools and covered first with batting and then with the fabric. A staple gun secured the pieces in place. After a fresh coat of white paint to hide the wear, I was finished!

ENTRY #11: Laura H. | Ashtabula, OH | Silk 'n' Treasures, LLC

Laura says: I recently began refurbishing furniture for my business in Ashtabula. I will have a booth at the June Cleveland Flea. I started with 2 identical chairs that had to be slightly altered so they would fit together properly. I purchased them at our Salvation Army store for $8.52 total; they were part of a five piece set, four chairs and a table. I then sanded them, put a coat of primer on them followed by 2 coats of dove grey paint. The seat is made of plywood with 2" foam and a cute print material. Total cost for this project was $36.04. 


Inspired?? I am!! I think a re-upholstered chair is in my future! GREAT JOB to all these ladies! One will be chosen at random on Monday, June 2nd to receive this print by one of my favorite artist's, Katie Daisy

This giveaway is not sponsored by Katie Daisy.

Before you rush off to the thrift store or go out trash pickin' for a chair that you can redo, be sure to stop over at Dina's Days to see the reveal of this outfit I challenged her and her readers to recreate. 

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The Traveling Fabric Covered Rocking Chair

Over the past few months, Goodwill Industries of Akron has had a lot to celebrate – 50 year anniversary at their Mansfield store, Grand Opening of their new Northfield store, and most recently, the celebration of Goodwill Week.

At each of these events, we’ve been working diligently to cover an entire wooden rocker (from Goodwill of course) with scraps from an array of fabrics like pillowcases, sheets, curtains, dresses, shirts, and scarves (all from Goodwill as well!)

The concept for this project came from the blog Under theSycamore, by Ashley Ann Campbell. She covered an entire bed frame with fabric strips! Check out her full post here

We started the project at the Mansfield store's 50th Anniversary celebration. Shoppers and employees helped to wrap all the spindles using long strips of fabric, about 1” wide. We used hot glue at the top and bottom of each strip to hold it in place.

Next the chair traveled to the Grand Opening of the new Northfield store. There we began covering the seat of the rocking chair by decoupaging square scraps of fabric to the seat.

MAKING PROGRESS! The chair then traveled to the Akron retail store on Waterloo Rd. to celebrate Goodwill week. There I had a sister-crew of helpers that did a fantastic job covering the arms and the head rest.

Thanks to Dee, Manager of the Kent Goodwill, who helped out with the project too!

We’re almost there! Still have a few more spindles to wrap so you can expect to see this chair at the next big Goodwill event!

Once completed, this colorful bohemian-style rocking chair will be up for auction at Goodwill’s annual Taste of Vintage event held at Quaker Square on November 20th

Twinsie Tuesday {3 Reader Submissions} : Steve Carrel & Paul, Jett Jackson & Dan, Jamie Lannister & Prince Charming

It's been over a month since I've posted a Twinsie Tuesday! I guess I've been having twinsie-spotting block. Thankfully my friends and family have picked up my slack and spotted these three twinsies!

Thanks to Aunt Sally for snapping this picture of Paul, the guy installing her new wood floors. Hopefully between laying floor boards he entertains her with Michael Scott impressions:

Steve Carrel & Paul (the flooring guy!)
Dina had her Twinsie-spotting super goggles on this month! First up her boyfriend Dan and Lee Thompson Young who starred in Disney's original series, The Famous Jett Jackson. I had never seen the show so when I saw the pics I honestly thought these were both pictures of Dan!

Secondly, Dina shared this pic of Jamie Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) from Game of Thrones and Prince Charming from Shrek! Seriously!?! Prince Charming is absolutely the animated version of Ser Jamie Lannister.

Thanks Aunt Sally and Dina for picking up my slack! If anyone else has a Twinsie Tuesday to share, please email it to me at SomethingToBeFound (at) gmail (dot) com. 

May {Reader} Thrift Challenge: Upcycle a Chair

We just finished up our April Challenges -- I completed a color collection vignette and Dina recreated an outfit of a blush dress and leather jacket. She continues to amaze me with her thrifting abilities!

April was fun, but we're ready to get you guys involved again! You were so creative with the DIY 3-tiered stand Reader Challenge in March that we decided another Reader Challenge was in order for May! This month, Dina's challenging us to upcycle a thrifted chair!

It can be ANY kind of chair you want -- wooden, upholstered, metal, rattan, folding, etc. It can even be a tall stool or even a foot stool. The ONLY rule is that the chair has to be second-hand -- meaning you bought it at the thrift store, from a garage sale/estate sale, or you pulled it out of someones trash! We'll even let 'ya use a chair that you already own. Just don't go buying a brand new chair -- this project is all about upcycling an inexpensive chair that had a previous life!

Here's some inspiration for ya! Paint it, re-upholster it, wrap it with yarn, turn it into a swing, even create artwork on it! Check out my Chair Makeover pinterest board for more ideas like decoupaging it with book pages, maps or fabric, or just dipping the legs in paint to give it a pop of color! The ideas are endless!

Chairs via Crate & Barrel, Urban Outfitters, World Market and Anthropologie. The chair swing is from SimpleSolutionMom.

Here are all the details to participate:

1 | Your chair must be second-hand
2 | You do NOT need to have a blog or website to participate.
3 | Leave me a note in the comments or send me an email at somethingtobefound(at) to let me know you're participating.
4 | Be Creative!!!

1 | Submit 2-3 quality photos (of both the before and after of your chair) via email to somethingtobefound(at) NO LATER than Monday, May 26th at 5pm. Include your name, where you're from, your blog or website address (if  you have one), details on where you thrifted your chair from, how much it cost, and a brief "how-to" on how you upcycled it.
2 | Photos from each participant will be posted here on the blog (and on social media sites) on Wednesday May 28th
3 | One participant will be chosen at random via to receive this "Charming Gardeners" print by artist, Katie Daisy. The winner will be announced on Monday, June 2nd.
*This giveaway is not sponsored by Katie Daisy.

I challenged Dina and her readers to recreate a bright outfit consisting of a pink maxi skirt and jean jacket. We encourage you to participate in both challenges so check out the inspiration photo at Dinas Days and go get your thrift on!!

We look forward to seeing your completed DIY chairs and outfit recreations!