The WINNER of Thrift Challenge #3 is...

We had 8 amazingly CREATIVE submissions for the first ever Reader Thrift Challenge.

CONGRATULATIONS to Kelli from Norman, Oklahoma for winning the challenge with her take on the "3-Tiered Stand!"

Kelli spent ONLY $3.96 at the Salvation Army in Norman, OK for 3 plates and a bag of wooden tinker toys and blocks.

She first ran everything through the dishwasher then tinkered around with the wooden pieces to see which ones would best balance the plates and bowl, and which ones would best make a handle for the top. Kelli used Gorilla Glue on the bolt pieces and glued them to the plates/bowl one piece at a time allowing overnight drying for each step. Once everything was dry and secure she so kindly made us all drool a bit by filling the tiers with cookies and brownies.

To see some of Kelli's other creative projects (including these painted coffee containers that are ALL OVER Pinterest), visit her feed at Hometalk. She also has a cooking blog at


And again, GREAT JOB to all the participants -- Emily, Krista, Megan, Christine, Amberly, Shanie and Stacey. All the voters and readers were blown away by your talent and creativity. Many of the voters commented that ALL entries looked like winners and I couldn't agree more.

We had so much positive feedback and excitement about this Reader Challenge that we'll definitely be doing another one this Spring. To make sure you don't miss out on the next one, you can submit your email in the field over on the right hand side there below the Google Followers and above my Recent Pins where it says "Follow by Email." You can also follow me on Instagram at SomethingtobeFound and/or on Facebook.

THANK YOU again to all the participants and to everyone who voted!! Head on over to Dinas Days to see which fashionista won her March Reader Fashion Challenge. And stop back here tomorrow to see what Dina challenged me with for April!

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  1. What a cute idea! Also dying over the cookies...haha. Looks like everyone did an awesome job!