DIY Hand Stamped Easter Eggs

Remember my crafty friend Laura? The one who nearly risked her life to buy this book case off Craig's List? Well she's back to recount yet another DIY adventure, one that required no searching of police records!


I have a two-year-old hoarder on my hands. He loves to hunt, gather, tote…and occasionally bite. Enter a few sunshiny days and I was reminded to dig out some Easter decorations from the basement. It was a sad, sad lot. Last year, I had purchased some cute eggs to put in a basket, but they were made out of styrofoam. Styrofoam and my two-year-old’s budding molars do not mix. He just couldn’t resist chomping them to pieces. 

Thus began the search for some eggs to fill the basket that were more durable. I found ceramic (um…no), marble (that would subsequently be thrown through a window or at someone’s head), glitter (which my sister-in-law refers to as the herpes of the house) and a plethora of foam. Then I stumbled upon some wood eggs in the woodworking area of Joann Fabrics. Durable. Neutral. Unbreakable. Perfect. It then occurred to me that I had a set of small letter stampers from another project and I thought it might be cool to stamp the name of every person in our family.

 It was cool (for the first 6), but then I realized just how large our family is! But the result is very worth it. We now have a basket of personalized Easter eggs and the kids absolutely love searching for their name, finding the names of their cousins, grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts and uncles and placing them in and out of other bowls and baskets. I’ve also found a couple shoved into my son’s pockets. Endless fun. 

Hopefully we’ll have these for years to come—even if James manages to leave a few bite marks along the way. I swear, he’s like a puppy.


I want some!!! A big thank you to James for pushing his mom creatively :) He wasn't going to settle for no ho-hum styrofoam eggs, and he knew his mom could deliver! And deliver she did!!

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  1. Peggy NeubauerApril 19, 2014

    Katie, I have so many rubber stamps from my teaching days...would you like them?