Upcycled Shadowbox | Goodwill Project #18

Hearing the word “shadowboxes” takes me back to my childhood when  EVERY. SINGLE. GIFT we gave my mom was a small bear figurine for her shadow box. Our last name is Bernstein so it was only fitting that she collect bears.

I come across shadowboxes all the time at Goodwill so it was about time I buy one and sass it up! I bought this one at the Akron Lakemore store for just $1.50.

I spray painted it my favorite color… bright yellow!

Then added some colorful scrapbook paper to the back by simply measuring the boxes and cutting paper the same size then gluing it in place.

Easy as ONE…TWO…THREE! Buy, paint, add paper!

My married last name does not mimic that of a fictional family of bears, or any animals for that matter, so I had to choose something different to display than the bears of my past…

These Wooden letters from a board game are perfect because I can switch out the words whenever I want. I did “Something TBF (to be Found), or depending on how you read it, Seit Otnb Mhgf.

Do you collect anything? What would you place inside a shadowbox?

**This post was sponsored by Goodwill Industries of Akron. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.


  1. I have so many collections! But I also get a thrill out of hunting them and then once I have "everything" I sell it and begin another one. For instance - I love drinking glasses with graphics on them. McDonald's, Pepsi, Ken's Pizza - as well as those found in Duz, Oxydol and other teas and clothes detergents. In fact, my favorite is a set of Zodiac glasses that are done in gold tones. My Nana had 1 that I got when she passed away. It took me 20 years to get all 12 and I cannot find out where they came from or when. I keep that set. I have vintage cameras, vintage valentines, game pieces displayed in old mason jar and other old glass jars with metal lids.......yep, got lots of collections!

    1. I'm with ya Kelli -- I'm always starting to "collect" something -- pennants, vintage trucks, etc. The biggest thing I ever collected in my life though was trolls! My husband tries to get rid of the box all the time, but I'm bankin' on those babies becoming collectable one day :)

  2. Ha ha I laughed so many times reading this post 1) the bears. 2) Seit Otnb Mhgf 3) POMS.
    I love love yellow and always see these shadow boxes and don't know what to do with them.