April Thrift Challenge REVEAL: Color Collection

At the beginning of the month Dina challenged me to create a color collection inspired by the collections put together by Hilda Grahnat, Swedish photographer, designer and stylist.

Our Thrift Challenge series started as a way for us to one) spend more time at our favorite place -- the thrift store! and two) show that you can easily recreate a look or concept, both for fashion and home decor, using thrifted items! For more details on our monthly thrift challenge series, click here!

For this month's Color Collection challenge I chose my favorite color, BRIGHT yellow!

We recently got rid of a wine cabinet in our kitchen (we're beer people...our wine glasses were covered in dust!) so this blank wall was in need of some lovin'.

I unfortunately didn't spend as much time at the thrift store as I expected to for this project. Most of this was stuff I already had in my some-day-I'll-use-this-inventory. Like this wooden picture frame  I bought at a garage sale a few years ago for $1. I spray painted it with Rustoleum's Ultra Cover 2x in Sun Yellow. The bubble gum machine photo is from Meg Duerksen's Whatever Shop. I love her bright colorful photos like these globes and this cupcake.

This vintage metal stool is also something that I've had for a few years! I intended to paint it right away but it was put to use immediately in a hidden corner of our kitchen as a place to stack folders, bags, mail and other junk. I bought it at the The Sampler in Hudson for around $10-$15. 

Now that the stool has a fresh coat of Sun Yellow spray paint and it's been pulled out of the hidden corner, we'll be using this at the kitchen table for the boys (who often fight over who gets to sit in this turquoise vintage cosco step stool). I think I know who will call dibs on it... 

The embroidery hoops and fabric were also items I already had in my stash of thrifted stuff. The plaid-ish fabric (far left) was a pillowcase from Unique Thrift in Willowick, the circular yellow pattern (bottom) was a shirt from Goodwill Akron (that I had used at one time on this hoop wall), and the the lace was from a tablecloth I bought at a garage sale. The yellow polka dots was originally from Jo-Anns and I still had scrap pieces leftover. 

I was excited to include my recent purchase from Katie Daisy's etsy shop The Wheatfield, the "This is It" print. I hung it using a thrifted clipboard. If you like Katie Daisy's artwork, then you'll want to participate in next month's thrift challenge (details posted tomorrow), because I'll be giving away one of her prints! 

And lastly for the wall I included my little yellow shadow box that I had created for my most recent Goodwill Project. I had some friends over last night and they all wanted to know where the game pieces were. Unfortunately they were very unstable, as in they would fall out if a car drove by our house, or if someone sneezed 10 miles aways. So, I'll either have to glue them down or find something that can withstand the slightest of movements.

Movin' on down to the 3 Tier table (one of my first ever paint projects!) is my favorite little yellow Tonka truck. Got this (and a bunch of other trucks) at Givits in Hudson for 50 cents to $1 each! The books were all thrifted and cost a quarter to a $1 each.

Next layer down includes this yellow lantern that I bought from a garage sale last summer for $1! This lantern may have started my obsession with bright yellow! The Lipton's Tea Tin came from Value World thrift and the yellow mug and curvy dish came from estate sales.

This succulent was a gift from Dina herself. We recently had a fitting at her house fro her upcoming Goodwill Fashion show and she gave each model one of these as a gift. Each one had a different color flower on top so she was impressed that I picked the yellow one right away and didn't hem and haw for 10 minutes on what color to choose. Little did she know it was about to show up in my color collection! 

And last but not least is a yellow flora picture frame that I've had for years filled with a photo I took in Ireland of none other than a bright yellow door! 

Are you sick of the color yellow now!?!! Will you make your own color collection? What color will you choose?? 

Now it's time to cleanse our eyes with some natural muted tones over at Dina's Days. I challenged her to thrift a  blush pink dress and brown leather jacket like this one from carolinesmode.com. Looks like she nailed it once again!! Let's go see... 

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We will be doing a Reader Challenge for May!!! Check back tomorrow to see what YOU will be challenged with! 


  1. Incredible!!!!
    1) The lantern
    2) I love the picture of the munchkin on the stool, it made me smile
    3) I also love that I can see the lockers in the background
    4) THE FRAME
    5) Work for a home decorating magazine.

    1. THanks girl! Great challenge insipiration by YOU!

  2. Love love love! And I'm not sick of yellow!

    1. Amazingly, me either! I now have a few other things that might get spray painted too!

  3. Definitely not sick of yellow - I have a warm honey yellow kitchen, and I adore it!
    I absolutely love that Lipton Tea tin! I have such a soft spot for old tins, and tea related just makes it even better. :D

  4. What an adorable (and cheerful!) set up!

    1. Thanks Olivia!! I hope you'll participate in the May challenge :)

  5. what a great little spot. it's amazing how much more modern that stool looks in yellow, you can really appreciate the lines of it more.

  6. Yellow is my favorite color. I love seeing it throughout your home. You gave the chair such a great makeover. I love it in your little nook.