Twinsie Tuesday: Steve & Anderson Cooper

I had some Twinsie Tuesday nominations sent to me a few weeks ago for "Olympic Twisnie Tuesday" and they were GREAT! You guys amaze me with your Twinsie-Tuesday-Spotting-Talents!  This week, former Royal Twinsie Tuesday herself, Susie S., nominated a Trainer at her work. She texted me his picture and I responded with "OMG!!!!"

Meet Steve, Anderson Cooper's twin!

I asked for guesses on Instagram and the amazing doodle artist Amy Lou Hawthorne guessed Anderson Cooper, (way to go Amy!) but there was also another great guess from Shavonda at A Home Full of Color (whose kitchen was recently featured in Better Homes & Garden!) she said Steve Martin!! 

Thanks for playing Amy and Shavonda :)  

If you have a Twinsie Tuesday nomination send it on over to me at: somethingtobefound(at)gmail(dot)com

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