Twinsie Tuesday: Colleen & Lauren Graham

Surprise surprise, I have yet another Parenthood character as a Twinsie Tuesday. So far I've TT'd Dax Shepard (Crosby), Sam Jaeger (Joel), and David Denman (Ed). In the spotlight today is Lauren Graham (Sarah). Her Twinsie? -- my hot, sarcastic, funny friend, Colleen!

When asked if I could post a picture of her eating a donut, she responded "I'm not ashamed of eating donuts. Bring it!"  

It's been brought'n: 

If you follow me on Pinterest you may recall a little board called "Colleen's BIG day!" That's for this lady who's getting married in ONE MONTH. I'm helping her create "Golden Vintage Glam" centerpieces with things like these sparkly garlands. More pics coming soon!


Tomorrow is REVEAL day for the March Reader Thrift Challenge 3-Tiered Stands. Be sure to stop back between Wednesday and Sunday to cast your vote!

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  1. That was my guess when I saw this on instagram, she looks just like LG! -♥- Rachel (For the Birds)