Somethings: Jackets, Maxis, & Dresses

It's been quite awhile since I've shared my Thrifted Somethings. And that means I have A LOT of them to share so prepare yourself for a post dump of thrifted somethings the next few weeks. 

The thrift store can be a dangerous place for me. I suffer from oh-its-so-cute-and-so-so-so-cheap-and-I've-seen-it-on-Pinterest-and-I'll-just-get-it-and-hope-I-wear-it-itis. And that's how I end up with a closet full of clothes that I don't wear.

I am working hard to only buy things that I know will get worn, but I think some of that oh-its-so-cute-and-so-so-so-cheap-and-I've-seen-it-on-Pinterest-and-I'll-just-get-it-and-hope-I-wear-it-itis crept back in when I bought these two coats.

I think*. I could be wrong!

This black leather Forever 21 coat was  dressed on a mannequin that was displayed near the checkout lines. I was already being rung up when I spotted it so I bolted to the mannequin and ripped it off without thinking twice about whether I'd really wear it. (or whether the people in line thought I might be crazy).

I've got some girls-night-out events coming up so we'll see if it makes the cut!

This shimmery gold, 3/4 sleeve Kensie swing coat was too pretty to leave behind. I haven't worn it yet, but I'm thinking it will be perfect for the "Gold Vintage Glam" wedding I"ll be attending next month!

Speaking of that "Gold Vintage Glam" wedding... there is a very good chance I might also wear this gold, vintage, pleated maxi skirt! I found it at Unique Thrift Store in Ohio City back in November. It was $10 which is way too pricey for me at a thrift store, but a friendly store patron gave me a $5 off coupon, making this just five bucks. HIVE FIVE to her! 

If I see a maxi skirt, in my size, you better get out the way! You can guarantee it will end up in my cart! This black and white polka dot one came from Goodwill in Mansfield for a few bucks.

I also picked up this floral Abercrombie Dress at Goodwill in Mansfield. I originally planned to cut it up and use the fabric for a project (I may have just heard a teenage girl screaming) but I may also give it a few wears before taking the scissors to it. 

I didn't inspect this navy blue Gap dress well enough when I bought it from Value World. It wasn't until seeing these pictures that I noticed the HUGE stain across the chest area. A little mad that I paid $7 for it, but I'll still probably wear it...

...because this guy was with me when I tried it on and he told me it was "cute!" 

I did a little bit of thrift shopping while in Florida and found two great Maxi dresses at the Fort Meyers Goodwill (right near the Miromar Outlets). This purple tie-dye looking one is from Target (Merona) and was $7.

This green one, which I will be LIVING in this spring and summer is by Route 66 (K-Mart?) and was also $7.

It's the perfect dress for the extremely large baby bump I'll be sportin' this summer. Baby boy #3 is due in July! 


  1. Are you trying to become a bridesmaid?

    1. If I can find a gold shirt the outfit will be complete! And yes, I will photo-bomb every single bridesmaid group photo!

  2. Oh my gosh that skirt is SO GLAM!

  3. CONGRATS on your exciting news! You will have whole crew of little guys to sand, paint, set up flea market booths, etc. So happy for you guys! :)

    1. KAITLIN!! Great to hear from you :) And yes, I am slowly but surely building my own little crew of assistants. One of them needs to learn how to use power tools stat!