March {Reader} Thrift Challenge REVEAL: DIY 3-Tiered Stands

Welcome to month 3 of the thrift challenge...and our very FIRST reader challenge!!

Dina challenged us this month to DIY a 3-tiered stand. The only rules were that it has to have 3 tiers and the items used to make it must be thrifted (not including glue, paint, etc).

First up is my take on the challenge, followed by eight awesome submissions from readers! Be sure to scroll through all the reader submissions and cast your vote for your favorite in the yellow box at the bottom of the post. (Voting is now closed). The winner receives bragging rights, plus a custom hand painted sign and pom pom garland.

The Thrifty Details:

3 Metal Nesting Bowls | $3 | Goodwill Garfield Heights
2 Gold Candlesticks | $3 | Goodwill Cuyahoga Falls
White Lace Trim | $0.25 | Estate Sale 
TOTAL | $6.25

During the ONE semi-warm day we've had the past month I spray painted everything with a white primer. I would have then spray painted them with color, except it's literally been snowing or below 30 the past week and a half! So I busted out the paint and paintbrush. For the bowls I used basic Americana acrylic craft paint in Royal Fuchsia mixed with a little bit of plaster of paris to make sure it would adhere really well. After about 4 coats, I lightly sanded the bowls and sealed them with Annie Sloan Clear wax. For the candlesticks I used Behr's Yellow Carat in satin (same color from this side table I painted) and did 3 coats. No sanding or waxing on the candlesticks. Not sure why, just didn't. To sass it up a bit, I glued on some white lacey trim.

I tried attaching everything with hot glue and it kept falling apart -- Ithink because of the annie sloan wax it wouldn't adhere. I found Krazy Glue in the junk drawer and that seemed to do the trick! 

The stand quickly become my washi tape holder / business card decorating station. 


And now for the reader submissions!!!!  

ENTRY # 1: Emily from Cincinnati, Ohio

Emily used three thrifted bowls and platesand used 527 glue to connect them to a candlestick and a mini wine glass that she spray painted gold.

Emily's Thrifty Details:

Bottom B&W Handmade Platter | $3 | Goodwill Woodlawn
Middle White Bowl | $0.69 | Valley Thrift Store Cincinnati, OH
Top Small Saucer Plate | $0.25 | Goodwill Woodlawn
Bottom Candlestick | $0.49 | Valley Thrift Store Cincinnati, OH
Mini Wine Glass | $0.15 | Valley Thrift Store Cincinnati, OH
TOTAL | $4.58

ENTRY # 2: Kelli (KalamityKelli and Kellis Kitchen) from Norman, Oklahoma

Kelli used 2 plates and a bowl connected by wooden tinker toys and wooden blocks. She used Gorilla Glue to hold everything together. 

Kelli's Thrifty Details:

Bottom Plate | $0.99 | Salvation Army Family Center, Norman, OK
Middle Plate | $0.99 | Salvation Army Family Center, Norman, OK
Top Bowl | $0.99 | Salvation Army Family Center, Norman, OK
Grab Bag of Wood Blocks/Toys | $0.99 | Salvation Army Family Center, Norman, OK
TOTAL | $3.96

ENTRY #3: Krista (Goodwill Glam), from Chicago, IL

Krista used 3 plates that she decorated with gold, black and white polka dots. The plates were connected together by candlesticks that she painted green.

Krista's Thrifty Details:

Bottom Plate | $1.99 | Goodwill Chicago
Middle Plate | $0.99 | Goodwill Chicago
Top Plate | $0.49 | Goodwill Chicago
2 Candlesticks | $1.98 | Goodwill Chicago
TOTAL | $5.45

ENTRY #4: Megan from Sharon Center, Ohio

Megan was lucky enough to find an actual 3-tiered stand at the thrift store. She then decorated it for a gold/cream/white wedding theme using all thrifted items. 

Megan's Thrifty Details:

3-Tiered Stand | $4 | Goodwill 
Decorative Items in and around tray | $9.88 | Salvation Army, Goodwill, Garage Sales
TOTAL | $13.88

ENTRY #5: Christine (Mamas Happy Stuff) from Cleveland, Ohio

Christine used 3 metal cake pans spray painted turquoise, then connected them together with glass vases by using magic E6000 glue.

Christine's Thrifty Details:

3 Cake Pans | $1.00 | Estate Sale
2 Glass Vases | $2.00 | Goodwill
TOTAL | $3.00

ENTRY #6: Amberly (Bingo Buttercup Crafts)

Amberly used a broken 3-tiered stand and added crochet tiers made from heavy duty cardboard.

Amberly's Thrifty Details:

3-tiered Stand | $0 | Curbside Freebie
Crocheted Tiers | $0 | Curbside Freebie
TOTAL | $0

ENTRY #7: Shanie, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Shanie used 3 gold charger plates super glued to two metal cups.

Shanie's Thrifty Details:

3 Gold Charger Plates | $4.50 | Goodwill
2 Metal Cups | $4 | Goodwill
TOTAL | $9.50

ENTRY 8: Stacey (RSVP Paper Co.), Cleveland, Ohio

Stacey used three white dishes in which she painted the edges and the leaf mark with gold paint. She attached the plates using white candlesticks.

Stacey's Thrifty Details:

Bottom Plate | $1 | Goodwill Shaker Heights
Middle Plate | $1 | Goodwill Shaker Heights
Top little leaf dish | $1 | Goodwill Shaker Heights
2 White Candle Sticks | $2 | Goodwill Shaker Heights
TOTAL | $5.00


HUGE round of applause to all 8 of these thrifty/crafty ladies! Now it's time to cast your vote for your favorite 3-tiered stand. You can only vote once. Voting is open until Sunday, March 30th at 10pm. The winner will be announced on Tuesday, April 1st.

(Voting is now closed).

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Don't skip the vote!! (Voting is now closed). The winner will be known all over blog land as the best 3-tiered stand maker, plus they'll receive a custom hand painted sign and pom pom garland.

Now let's go check out the results of Dina's Reader Fashion challenge. I challenged her and her readers to recreate this distressed jeans/white blazer look. And guess who gave this fashion challenge a whirl???.....  ME! Oh my, I give so much credit to Dina and other fashion bloggers who step in front of the camera on a weekly basis. I only got 2 somewhat acceptable shots out of the fifty that we took! Go. Go now and judge me. Then when you're done laughing, be sure to vote for your favorite reader outfit(Voting is now closed).

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  1. AHHHH! These are all so creative and beautiful. I'm sad I didn't join the fun :( How is March over already?! I love all the fashion entries as well!

    1. You'll have to join in next time! Hopefully you used your one vote on your sister :)

  2. This is fantastic! I can't wait to check out all of these blogs too!

    1. Yes! Go check out these ladies blogs/websites. TALENTED!!

  3. Lovely pieces, so sorry I didn't get to participate. Everyone did such a great job personalizing their three tiers!!

  4. This was so much fun! I enjoyed it greatly and hope to do it again! Thanks! Kelli

    1. Thanks for participating Kelli. We'll definitely be doing another reader challenge in the future!

  5. OMG! They are all so good!

  6. these are all terrific!!! Thank you for sharing your lovely blog at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop xo