Twinsie Tuesday: Olympians

The Olympics have inspired a triple Twinsie Tuesday. Not a triplet Twinsie Tuesday like this one, but a triple set of twins. And what I love most is that two of these were sent to me by friends and family. It totally makes my day when I get a text or email with Twinsie spottings that people want to share.

First up is this one sent to me by my dad. Michelle, on the left, is a family friend, and on the right is Russian Pair Skater (and gold medal winner), Tatiana Volosozhar. This blew me away! Ito took my mind a second to register which one was actually Michelle!

Next is one that made me laugh out loud when I received the text from my old co-worker, Christina. She said "I got a Twinsie Tuesday for you...And it's you!!! It's the USA Pair Skater that won gold. Meryl Davis looks just like you." At first I didn't think so, but after doing this side by side, I can see the resemblance!

And last is Season 1 American Idol finalist Nikki McKibbin and Katie Uhlaender, American Skeleton racer.

And speaking of things that look alike, check back tomorrow to see the big REVEAL for the February thrift challenges with Dina's Days. She attempted to recreate this hot sequin number and I this vintage-inspired vignette. 


  1. I told Jeremy that Meryl Davis reminded me of you! Glad I wasn't the only one. :)

  2. omg the first one is uncanny - i now need to go back and look at the my commercial twinsie you sent me :)

  3. These are great!!! I love this series.

  4. You are waaaaay prettier:-)