Twinsie Tuesday: Dax & Chad

As I mentioned last month, we cancelled our cable.


It hasn't been bad, especially with sites like Hulu. I'll casually watch an episode of New Girl here and there, or watch back-to-back, to-back, to-back clips of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (I seriously love this Miley Cyrus video with Jimmy and the Roots, AND this hashtag convo between Jimmy and Justin Timberlake), but  there is really only one show that I can't live without.


But that's no surprise considering 2 of my last four Twinsie Tuesdays have included Parenthood characters (Joel and Ed). And today we're gonna go ahead and make it THREE of my last four.

Mr. Dax Shepard (Crosby) and Chad Kroeger (Nickelback) are this weeks Twinsies!

I posted a picture of Chad Kroeger on Instagram today and asked who people thought his Twinsie might be. A few people (Sara and Andrea) said Dax Shepard (yeah girls!!), and then Emily and Tara both said Nicholas Cage! Um, yes! Look at this:

And then Dina guessed "the older brother from Hanson." LOL!! Another yes!!

So today's Twinsie Tuesday is actually a Quadruplet Tuesday! Or maybe more like a Twinsie Family Tuesday with a dad, his two sons and his grandson!

Join me for the next Twinsie Tuesday guess game at Something to be Found on Instagram. It'll be so fun. You won't regret it. C'mon, join the party. It's the cool thing to do. 


  1. Hahaha these are all perfect! I am a Parenthood lover as well... SUCH a good show! And bonus that it's on Hulu :)