Twinsie Tuesday: Vintage Barbie & Debi Mazar

I saw a picture of this vintage barbie and thought it looked exactly like an actress I had seen before. I couldn't quite put my finger on it though. After doing countless searches of "actress with piercing blue eyes," "actress with blue eyes and black hair," "actress blue eyes black hair jersey accent," I kept coming up short. I came across Parker Posey, then Milla Jovavich, close, but neither were the actress I was thinking of in my head. I finally did one more simple search of "actress with blue eyes" (took out the term piercing) and BOOM found my lady -- Debi Mazar. She is definitely vintage barbie reincarnated!

Speaking of things that look alike, I am excited to announce a collaboration project for 2014 with fellow thrift lover and fashionista, Dina from Dina Days. It's a monthly thrifting challenge! Dina will tackle fashion and I'll do home decor. At the beginning of each month we'll give each other a"challenge photo" and  then we'll attempt to re-create it with thrift store items to make it look like the original photo! More to come in a few weeks, but in the meantime stop on over to Dina's Days and say hello!

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  1. This is going to drive me crazy! I think she looks exactly like Debi Mazar, but I have another actress in mind and I can NOT FIGURE OUT her name!!