Christmas Photo Fails

After a five year hiatus, we're back on the Christmas card circuit! We came close last year, but the pictures never got printed. This year -- pictures got printed and mailed! Here's a little taste of our "Holiday Photo Shoot."

Big brother pulling the horse collar move to get the shoot started.

Vintage truck picture FAIL.

Boys holding mini vintage trucks in front of porch. FAIL.

Boys holding little vintage trucks in front of fence. Another FAIL!

"Mommy. You said we'd take ONE picture. This is twenty hundred pictures.
I'm cold. Are we done yet?" 

Truck dramatically thrown on ground. "I don't want to do this anymore!" 

So we moved inside with the truck! C is so amused.  Yet another FAIL
After reviewing that set of failed photos I bribed them to go outside one more time. No vintage trucks involved.



Not close at all...

Boys, say "Farty poopy pants!" GOT IT! Potty talk for the win!

Merry Christmas!! Hope your holidays are filled with friends, family, food, filthy words and funny failed photos.


  1. Ha ha! I think they are ALL wins in my book! Merry Christmas, Jane

  2. ha ha haha.. BTDT. I eventually had to go with the "one child slapping the other one" photo.. since hey.. it's reality!

  3. Hahahahahahahahahah. Best post of the year. Ah the fence one kills me.