Twinsie Tuesday | Arthur & David

A recap post of the Cleveland Flea will be coming this week, but first let's talk Twinsies! On Friday night we did a private event at the flea for media/bloggers and the movers and shakers around town... and apparently famous actors too!

While standing in my booth, I gaze down the aisle to see a very tall, David Denman... you may know him as Roy, from The Office. OR for Parenthood Fans like me, Ed, the stay at home Dad who's gotten quite friendly with Julia.

Oh my gosh!! What is he doing here? Is he from Cleveland? Does he have friends from Cleveland? Shouldn't he be taping his next episode for Parenthood? Oh my gosh... he's coming this way! Maybe he'll want to buy my pom pom rollerskates! Oh no, stupid, why would he want those? Oh, I know, maybe he'll want a scarf, he may not be used to this cold weather... 

Turns out, after asking for his autograph, it wasn't actually David Denman. Ha, just kidding, I didn't actually embarrass myself that bad. Turns out this is Arthur from Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams. He was nice enough to take a picture for me, and Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream was nice enough to provide free samples all night. I tried the sweet corn and black raspberry. WOWZA!

I posted Arthur's pic on Instagram and asked who people thought his Twinsie might be. Of the 2 guesses so far, both said Seth McFarlane.

What do you think? David Denman or Seth MacFarlane?

**Thanks for being a good sport, Arthur! And thanks again to Jeni's for the samples!!


  1. Okay. I can see David now. But you have to admit the Seth resemblance is there.

    AKA @norcran