Twinsie Tuesday: A boyfriend and a Princess

It's the first ever DOUBLE Twinsie-Tuesday! 

I was at dinner the other night with a few {very awesome} friends and our waiter was a total movie star but we couldn't figure out who he was. I asked and he reluctantly told us that people say he looks like Reid Ewing, or as you may better know him, Dylan, Haley's airhead boyfriend on Modern Family.

We made him take a picture so it was only fitting that he take it with my friend, and former neighbor, Susie, because also has a famous twinsie!  A ROYALLY famous twinsie. The beautiful Princess Kate Middleton.


  1. I thought your friend was Jennifer Aniston! And I love Modern Family ~ I've never met anyone "famous" and I'd probably clam us or act all giddy!! LOL

    1. YES! Jennifer Aniston is also a good twinsie for her!

  2. SO funny! Love both pics - we need to get a picture of Susie with her hair down - seriously she could be twins with Jennifer Aniston, Katie Holmes or Princess Kate - not a bad list!! Fun night!