SAVE THE DATE - 2nd Annual Somethings Sale

This year, the Somethings Sale is hittin' the road! Mark your calendars for Saturday, October 12 cause we're moving out of the basement and setting up shop at the city's hippest urban market; The Cleveland Flea. You'll find over 90 vendors selling vintage wares, furniture, jewelry, art, clothing, and crafts. PLUS you can experience some of Cleveland's best artisinal fare, food trucks and BEER! Come on out anytime from 9a-4p. All are welcome -- friends, kids, and pets! 

Twinsie Tuesday: A boyfriend and a Princess

It's the first ever DOUBLE Twinsie-Tuesday! 

I was at dinner the other night with a few {very awesome} friends and our waiter was a total movie star but we couldn't figure out who he was. I asked and he reluctantly told us that people say he looks like Reid Ewing, or as you may better know him, Dylan, Haley's airhead boyfriend on Modern Family.

We made him take a picture so it was only fitting that he take it with my friend, and former neighbor, Susie, because also has a famous twinsie!  A ROYALLY famous twinsie. The beautiful Princess Kate Middleton.

Painted Yellow Side Table - I'm a Chicken!

It's done.

And I like it. 

But I sorta feel like I chickened out by only painting the inside yellow.

 It matches this Goodwill Coffee Table I did, but I think I just played it too safe.

 Here's what it looked like before -- gross with a side of dir-tay and a buffet of cobwebs.

Scrubbed it clean, gave it a fresh coat of white paint on the outside and four coats of Behr Twenty Carat on the inside.

Not exactly a drastic before/after picture, but Chickens don't do drastic things.

Hardware stayed the same. I thought about painting it yellow, but again, I'm a big fat chicken.

 Off to lay some eggs...

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11 Pops of Yellow that Make My Heart Race

With all this poppin' yellow inspiration, I've changed my tune about painting everything in my house white...

via The Stanley Clan

via Meg Duerksen

via Adore Home as seen on Half Asleep Studio

via Farmhouse 38

via Gather & Build

Heather Salazar via Country Living

Original Source Unknown

via Meg Duerksen

via 508

Home of Lindsey Cheney from the Pleated Poppy, shot by Joe Johnston, as seen on House of Turquoise.

via Charlotte Lovely

Pitter patter, pitter patter, PITTER PATTER, PITTER PATTER!!!! I want it all. So, in sticking to my 2013 motto, I bought some Twenty Karat by Behr and painted this thrifted side table:

Pictures and details later in the week!

Goodwill DIY Project # 9 - Planters

July's Goodwill Project involved planting flowers in a bunch of random things that I picked up from Goodwill Akron on Waterloo. If you haven't been there, GO!!! I usually spend at least 4 glorious hours in there because there is SO MUCH STUFF. Plus, the Goodwill outlet is right next door. Double the thrifting madness!!

I'll share a few "after" pictures of one planter if you promise to go check out the others on the Goodwill Industries of Akron Blog.


Pinky Swear??


Eeeny, meeny, miny, moe...

...ceramic Pfaltzgraff bundt dish is what you get!

Cute, but looks a little teeny tiny on the table all by itself... 

...until you add in 4 adults, 5 kids, 85 plates of food, and some condiments.

Any bigger and that platter of meat and cobs may have required their own table.

Quick shout out to the girl working at the garden center who 1) didn't think I was crazy when I told her I was planting flowers in a bundt pan, and 2) so smartfully recommended flowers that grow upward instead of ones that would fall over onto the table... or onto the cobs and kebabs. 

Cobs and Kebabs -- say that 5 times really fast. Perfect title for a country song! Or rap song? Florida Georgia Line and Nelly, have at it!

I may have lost focus there for a sec, but I didn't forget our pinky swear promise. Off you go... Goodwill Industries of Akron Blog.

Added 8/2/13
*I received several compliments on my cleverness and smartness that I simply can't accept. This bundt pan planter was inspired by several that I saw on Pinterest, specifically this one that unfortunately has no source. So, to the person who made this red bunt pan planter -- you is kind, you is smart, you is important... and you is clever!

**The Help is in my Top Five movie list. After you check out the Goodwill Industries of Akron Blog you should rent it.

***Now I have to think about what other four movies are in my Top Five list.