The City Flea {Cincinnati}

First of all, Cincinnati is one of those words that I fully rely on auto-correct for spelling. Two n's or two t's? Or both two n's and two t's?? Argh, let's just refer to it as Cincy and call it a day.

This past weekend we drove down to Cincy for The City Flea. I filled every possible open space, nook and cranny in my car with Something's, while stille having room to strap in two toddlers and a husband.

And just a quick side note. I set a personal long-distance car driving record. I drove all FIVE hours. That is unprecedented. I could barely make it the two hours to Columbus during my OSU days. We listened to C's Spotify mix and you can't really get tired when you're rocking to songs like Justin Bieber's "Baby."

My friend Emily from Moments and Momentos so graciously allowed me to crash her booth and sell all my junk alongside her awesome jewelry, vintage school maps, and vintage wares.

The shoppers were plentiful, the weather was H.O.T, and the sales were non-stop!

I wanted to give the boys a cozier ride home and Emily wanted to deplete her stock so we priced things to sell.

We even had a few $1, $2, and $3 bins that people dug through (and bought from!) all day long! Clearing house, folks!

And here's a few rando photos for ya.

Emily sold two of her large wall maps... both after she displayed/modeled them in the middle of a busy walkway. If you're in the Cincy area and interested in buying one from her, let me know and I'll connect you. They are awesome! Here's one that Emily has hanging in her hizz.

The City Flea gets two thumbs up from me! For those in the area, the next one is on August 17th at Washington Park. Emily and I won't be there as vendors but you should still GO. And bring yo wife, bring yo kids, and bring yo dogs.

Before heading back to CLE on Sunday, we grabbed breakfast at Emily's most favorite breakfast place in Cincy, Sugar & Spice. We loved it before even tasting our food. C got to kiss a pig statue out front and both boys got to pick out a rubber duck from a bin of a meeellion different kinds of ducks. N couldn't decide and was taking foooorever, but I would've done the same thing at that age. And by that age I mean now. I mean there was cowboy duck, viking duck, dog duck, football duck, construction worker duck, princess duck, mermaid duck...  That's a big decision to make! 

The ducks caused some controversary with the kids at the table, but in the end they were all happy campers! And I want that bright yellow bench.

Despite my record-setting drive on the way to Cincy, I had no interest in doing it again on the way back. I instagrammed, pinterested and snoozed the whole way home!

The Lemonade Stand Promise

A few months ago my neighbor's four kids had a lemonade stand at the end of their driveway. I could hear them outside giggling, having fun, and chanting "get your lemonade here" to every car that drove by.

via Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

I grabbed some money and took the boys over there to partake in the fun. The excitement that welcomed us was priceless. The 4 kids were so giddy and frantically yelled inside to their mom "We have our first customer! We have our first customer!!!" It was awesome.

via Quilted Polka Dot & KC Photography

My boys wanted to stay for a little while, so we sat back and watched as the kids continued their efforts in getting customers.

via Volume Twenty-Five

Car, after car, after car...after car, drove by. Most avoiding eye contact with the kids. And all sporting an awkward, embarassed stink face.

My heart just broke. Each car that passed by sucked a little enthusiasm out of each of those kids.

via One Charming Party
In that moment I decided that I would always stop for a lemonade stand. EVEN if I don't want or need the lemonade. I will stop, smile, give them a few dollars, thank them and wish them GOOD LUCK with their sale. Tell them they are doing a GREAT JOB and to keep up the GOOD WORK!

via Classic Creations Photography

I finally had a chance today to uphold my Lemonade Stand Promise. These two brothers were sittin' at a card table, in what felt like 125 degree heat, with their big poster and a huge pitcher of lemonade. I pulled up and rolled the window down and chipperly said "I would like some lemonade!" The younger brother smiled, jumped right up and poured my lemonade but the older brother just sat there looking bored. I think he may have been mandated by his parentals to sit there and watch his little brother. I saw this as a challenge and was determined to make him smile! I got out of the car to give the younger brother my money and to retrieve my lemondae (which was really freakin' good by the way). I thanked each of them and told them how much I appreciated getting the lemonade on such a hot day. That didn't get a smile out of older brother. I got back in the car and yelled out the window "Thanks again, and good luck, I hope you sell a lot of lemonade today..." and BOOM he cracked a smile...AND waved goodbye to boot!!

Source unknown.

So, moral of the story, don't be a grumpy old stinkface. Stop and get some darn lemonade or else our kids may start selling other stuff instead;

via Kat E-Photography

Goodwill: DIY Project #8

I'm practicing the art of "less is more" so despite my intentions to paint this entire Goodwill coffee table bright yellow, I resisted.

Less is totally more!! Check out my step by step tutotiral and more pictures over at the Goodwill Industries of Akron Blog.