Twinsie Tuesday: Kevin & Christopher

This is a FIRST for Twinsie Tuesday -- my first time asking a random stranger to pose for a pic! We were at the Cleveland Museum of Art's Summer Solstice event and through the crowd I saw my brother-in-law, Kevin. But as Twinsie Tuesday stories always go... it wasn't actually Kevin. It was my soon-to-be new friend, Christopher! Turns out he's a fellow OSU grad, a dentist, and now a Twinsie!! (Feel free to add that to your resume, Christopher). And the girl he was with grew up in my hometown! Small world. Reminds me of this quote "A simple hello can lead to a million things." Or in our case "A long explanation of a feature you do on your blog can lead to a new friend!"  So, here they are, Kevin my bro-in-law on the left and Christopher on the right:

Thanks to Christopher for being such a good sport!

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