Friends//Found//Featured | Kristin's Ombre Vanity

Welcome to my new monthly post -- Friends//Found//Featured. Just like the name implies, I'll be featuring friends, their found treasures, and their thrifty DIY projects. So, here we go! Meet Kristin:  

Kristin is my co-worker and friend of  8 years. She went to Univ. of Michigan and I went to Ohio State so it's kind've amazing that we're even friends. It probably helps that neither of us really care about football. Her husband however is a huge fan, hence the Michigan Blue walls in their office:

So ignore the blue walls for a second, and focus on this vanity that Kristin picked up at a garage sale when she was in high school. She has been hauling it from house to house to apartment to house to house for the past 14 years. She's always wanted to paint it and finally took the plunge!

Luckily, she stayed away from Michigan colors (well, sort of). She didn't use blue but she did use yellow. Three shades of yellow to be exact, giving it the popular ombre effect seen all over Pinterest. And for anyone who has trouble saying that word like me, it's pronounced "om-bray." She also replaced the knobs with these red (umm, looks like Ohio State Red to me!!!) ones from Pier one. 

What a difference!! Just a few coats of paint and some new knobs and this vanity is ombre-licious! 

Kristin says she's fallen in love with this little vanity all over again. And hopefully the many visitors who stay in her guest room will love it just as much. Otherwise, they can go find another place to stay. 

Nice work, Kristin!! 

To see what inspires Kristin, follow her over on Pinterest.


Project Details:
1 | One coat of Kilz Interior Oil Based White Paint (in hindsight she recommends doing two coats)
2 | Three coats of Valspar white semi-gloss on everything except the drawers
3 | Ombre colors created using Benjamin Moore Concord Ivory on the bottom Drawer, then adding white semi-gloss to make it a lighter shade for the middle, and then adding more white to make it the lightest shade for the top drawer.
4 | Knobs from Pier One 


  1. I love the look! I'm going to pin it so next project and I can give it a try - and when I say "I" can give it a try, I mean my husband! :) Excellent job Kristin!

  2. AnonymousJune 24, 2013

    She did a great Job and is becoming more of an artist each week. I really like your site Katie! Your commentary is priceless.

  3. It looks great! Awesome job, Kristin!