White Hutch with a Pop of Color

If you follow me on Pinterest you'll notice that a lot of my pins have the description "white with a pop of color." Kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, porches, furniture, outfits, even wedding cakes! I just can't get enough. So, in an attempt to drown out the awfulness that radiates from my oak kitchen cabinets, I bought this off Craigslist with the plan to paint it white. All white! Muhahah.

Since this was quite a big piece and I wanted to make sure it got done right, I opted to buy the Official Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Wax from Metheny Weir in Shaker Heights. I went with the color Pure White and used the clear wax to seal it. Here are the results:

Let me start out by saying that I LOVE LOVE LOVE the results. However, during the painting process I was a little bit frustrated. As you probably know, ASCP can be applied to most any surface without having to sand or prime. Yep, just slap it right on and go to town! Based on other blogs I had read about ASCP, I was expecting to only need one, maybe two coats. But after one coat, the paint looked very streaky:

So, I added a second coat. But the steaks were still very visible. So, I added a THIRD coat, but still I could see some streaks.

At this point I was disappointed. Annoyed. Frustrated. Quite frankly, I was ready to give up on my dreams of a white kitchen and suffer in the dungeon of oak cabinets for the rest of my life.

But then I snapped out of it. I would save this hutch. I MUST save this hutch and get one step closer to my "white with a pop of color" dreams!

I dragged (drug?) all the pieces outside and began to sand the paint down to give it a distressed look. WARNING: This step was extremely messy/dusty, and I encourage you to wear a mask and gloves... even if it means frightening your four year old as you peer in the side door.

Once I began sanding I understood why people LOVE Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. It sands off so easily and naturally giving it a really true distressed look. AND, after sanding, the streaks were becoming less noticeable. Phew.

Once the sanding was complete I wiped everything down and applied a very thin coat of the Annie Sloan clear wax. WOWZERS this stuff is amazing!! 

After applying, not only were the streaks barely noticeable, but the entire hutch felt baby smooth! I let the whole thing dry overnight and then started to fill it with my favorite Somethings!

1| "Live Simply" print by Katie Daisy in my painted Goodwill Frame
2| Thrifted white lotus bowls and turquoise Fire King bowl

1 | Thrifted vintage tin with a succulent
2 | Vintage Copper Mirro Timer from a resale shop
3 | Colorful books collected from thrift stores

1 | Yellow McCoy Planter from an antique store
2 | Turquoise McCoy Planter from estate sale
3 | White hobnail milkglass vase - a gift from my mother in law

1 | Turquoise patterned plate from Goodwill
2 | Collection of thrifted white and milk glass bowls

1 | Collection of vintage aprons
2 | Wire basket from Home Goods

1 | Glass vase upcycle -- coated the inside with yellow paint
2 | Metal scoops from an estate sale
3 | Collection of turquoise bowls

1 | Turquoise dotted bowl from Goodwill
2 | Turquoise McCoy Planter from a garage sale
3 | Turquoise Amish Country Butterprint Pyrex dish from a garage sale 

1 | Vintage metal truck from a resale shop
2 | Turquoise pyrex from estate sale

1 | Floral and paisley mugs from Marshalls (or TJ Maxx?) - $4.99 ea. Must buy more! Love these. 

1 | Vintage McCalls cookbook from estate sale
2 | Patterned cup from Goodwill
3 | Yellow McCoy planter from garage sale

1 | Metal scoop measuring spoons from estate sale
2 | White measuring spoons from World Market - $2.99
3 | Mini metal whisks from Goodwill

1| Colorful fabric Rooster from Michaels
2 | Vintage scale from an estate sale

1 | Vintage globe from a resale shop for only $4!!! 

And there you have it, my very own "white with a pop of color" hutch!

After two months of having this hutch in my kitchen, and LOVING it's glorious whiteness, we've finally made the plunge... BUH BYE oak kitchen cabinets!!!!!! Oh, and despite being a "DIY'er" I hired a professional to tackle this one!

Keith from Esoteric Painting making my dreams come true!!
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My Very First Flea, The Cleveland Flea

I've always had some junk in my trunk...

...but never in THREE trunks!! 

Thanks to D and my Dad I was able to bring a lot of inventory. A LOT. But to me, more is better! Just like the little girl says in this AT&T commercial "More is better than less because if stuff is not less, if there's more less stuff then you might, you might want to have some more and your parents just don't let you because there's only a little bit. We want more, we want more like you really like it you want more."

True 'dat sista! We want more, so more it is!


One of my favorite sales of the day was to this awesome Rollergirl! She made my day when she bought these vintage wooden roller skates. And then she rocked my world when she put them on and went for a spin. 

THANK YOU friends & fam for coming out. It was a coooold day, but I think a few of you specifically the ones pictured below holding red solo cups stayed warm by taking advantage of the kegs over at the Market Garden Brewery Booth.

And the craziest moment of the day?? See the cute girl pictured above (bottom row, farthest picture to the right with the glasses on)? Well I totally loved her outfit, and of course thought that she looked familiar (no surprise there, I think everyone looks familiar!). So I started chatting with her and her friend to find out where they were from and see if I could figure out how I knew her. As soon as she said what high school she went to it hit me...

She was D's PROM DATE!!!!!!! How crazy is that!! Amanda, if you're reading this, hey girl!! 

The Cleveland Flea was an AWESOME first flea vendor experience. I met some great people, became friends with some of the other fellow thrift-loving vendors, bought some cool treasures, and sold quite a bit of stuff (an entire car load to be exact!) I will most definitely be back!

Goodwill: DIY Project #6

I want everything in our house to be white. Our bedroom furniture, our kitchen cabinets, our couches... Until that happens, I will be spraypainting everything else that crosses my path. Including this $10 lamp from Goodwill. Click on over to Goodwill Akron Blog and see some more pics and a tutorial on how I transformed lampshade.

Twinsie Tuesday: Tina & Michelle

This is my first season watching The Voice and I'm really into it. I just finished watching last night's episode on DVR and loved Vedo, Amber Carrington, Sara Simmons, and of course, Michelle Chamuel. Her performance of True Colors made me cry... and also made me realize that she looks a lot like Tina Fey!