Somethings: Things are Getting Trashy - Part 1

Who needs garage sales and thrift stores when I have neighbors throwing away stuff like this Danish Mid Century Modern  loveseat!! My friend Kristin spotted it on her way to my house and told me about it as soon as she arrived. I ran down the street in my slippers to look at it, and fell in love. I have no room for it in my house but it just has TOO MUCH potential to leave on the curb. Kristin helped me carry it home and now it sits patiently waiting to be cleaned and reupholstered.

Check out some of these similar Mid Century Modern loveseats that are selling for quite a pretty penny:

Stratham White Mid-Century Modern Loveseat. $749.99 at 

Midcentury Modern Loveseat. Urban Outfitters $398.

Midcentury Modern Loveseat by Thonet. $675 via Flavor Furniture Dealer.

Be sure to stop back for Part 2, AND Part 3 of my other trashy finds. And don't forget to enter the Candy Jar Giveaway. You just need to answer two simple questions and you could win!!

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  1. You lucked out! I have one only it's is from the 70's and where this one has wood, mine has chrome with a butterscotch vinyl. I was at a state government auction and this was at the end. No one wanted it and I gave them $1 for it. But yours was free which was better!!

    1. I really need to start going to these auctions I've been hearing about. Any suggestions on how to find them?

  2. So awesome!! I can't wait to see what you turn it in to!

  3. Emily StevensApril 12, 2013

    I have GOT to remember to drive around the night before trash day! Nothing better than getting something for free! Do you know how to upholster or will you have it done by a professional?

    Excited to see what you make of this. I also followed you on Instagram this morning! =)

    1. Hi Emily! I took an upholstery class this past winter, but it was kinda over my head. I think I'll need to call in the professionals for this one :)