Somethings: Books, a Desk, Papers and Pottery

Went to an estate sale last weekend on Farnsleigh in Shaker Heights. This was the first estate sale I've been to where I had to wait in a line outside until they opened. Of course it gave me anxiety. All I could do was stand in line and try to come up with a game plan for what room to beeline to first. I decided on the basement...

That plan went straight to hell when they opened the door and I realized it was a duplex. The only way to get to the basement was to go up the first stairwell to  the top apartment, then find the second stairwell that lead you down to the basement. Of course once I made it to the top apartment I got distracted and just had to start digging. The basement would have to wait... 

First thing I picked up were these classic vintage books; Black Beauty, Roy Rogers, Huckleberry Finn, Robinson Crusoe and a not-so-classic, Look out for Pirates.

C was having a hard time picking out a bedtime book the other night so I suggested reading one of these classics. He then quickly grabbed a Highlights magazine and said "Um, how about this instead!"  Sorry Black Beauty. Sorry Huck. Sorry, Roy. I tried.

I also found this sweet little Peanuts Book called Happiness is a Warm Puppy

This one is definitely getting framed for N's room. Remember my first-ever Twinsie Tuesday post?

 After finding the books I went into another room where I stumbled upon this sad, sad, old desk. There was still some life left in those mint and gold legs, but the rest of this desk is a hot mess.

But, for $8 (negotiated down from $10 -- aww yeah, mad negotiating skills), this hot mess of a desk is all mine! I've been looking for a small desk for our kitchen and the dimensions were perfect. It's gonna need a lot of work, but when I'm done with it, I'm hoping I'll have a pretty white desk like one of these:

via StormyGirl

via Space46

source unknown

via Honey Sweet Home

Ok, so after claiming the desk and dreaming of all the possibilities, I finally made my way down to the basement where it was buzzing with fellow shoppers. Mostly a lot of junk, but I did stumble upon this stack of old 1940's Cleveland newspapers that I quickly grabbed.

A few ideas I have for them is to mod podge a few sheets to the insides of the drawers from my hot mess desk and maybe cut out a some of the sports articles and photos and use them in C's vintage sports room. Any other ideas?

My last stop was the garage where I picked up these two planters. This first one has no markings on it so it's just a regular old planter, I assume. But, it's turquoise so of course I had to have it.

 This second one is a mint-colored vintage planter by Shawnee USA, which I found out is a company that started in Zainesville, Ohio in the 1930s.

So that'll do it. Once the weather finally gets warmer here I'll begin sanding that desk and hoping to resurrect it back to life.

Ok, off to watch the RHoBH Reunion Part II...

Edit: I forgot the RHoOC started tonight too! THANK YOU THANK YOU, DVR. I love you.


  1. I've stood in line for estate sales before- I don't like it! I get antsy thinking about what I could be missing out on! You found some awesome books- and those newspapers- my, oh my! I had that Peanuts book when I was little! Can't wait to see what you do with the desk:)

    1. I'm a little nervous about the desk -- hoping I can pull this one off :) Thanks for stopping by, Laura.

  2. I love the Peanuta book! It reminds me of my little blanket carrying, thumb sucker too 😊

    I can't wait to see how the desk turns out!

    1. Isn't that book so cute!

      If the weather would flippin' cooperate and get a little warmer I'd get started on the desk asap, We have so many mini piles of stuff on the counters and kitchen table I need somewhere else to dump it all. That desk has 6 drawers, baby!!

  3. great find Katie! I LOVE the shape of the desk - can't wait to see what you do with it! good luck :)

    1. Hi Samaa! I haven't started on the desk yet, but once our crazy Cleveland weather stabilizes, I'll get out there and get to it. Thanks for sharing all the paint details in your blog post.. I need to give that Zinsser Cover Stain a try!

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