Photo Friday: Because I love you, that's why!

1 | Mini Moccasins. I die.
2 | Vintage toddler Lacoste Vest. I die, again.
3 | Turquoise pattern plate. You had me at Turquoise.
4 | Not-so-mini-moccasin boots. Or they might be slippers. Don't care. Wearin' em outside.

1 | Two smiling faces at 7:30am. It's a miracle.
2 | Happy (and sticky) haircut.
3 | My barista.
4 | Twinsies...for 5 minutes. Then breakfast happened.

1 | Based on the title, I assume it was a best seller.
2 | Based on the blurb on the back, I know it was a best seller. Know why? Because I love you, that's why! 


  1. I'm just looking at that teal plate wondering how it could be incorporated as a wedding centerpiece...

    1. I think you might be able to use that "Katie" book. It would just be a nice prop to have in a few of your formal pictures.