And the Winner of the Candy Jar is...

It was so much fun reading all of your answers! For those of you who didn't have a chance to scroll through the comments, here they are in order of when they were submitted:

1 | Calorie Free
2 | Do Not Eat
3 | Mommy's Only
4 | Sweeter than Candy
5 | Yum!
6 | Sweet & Salty
7 | Did you wash your hands first?
8 | Just one More
9 | Yummers
10 | Eat Me
11 | Gurmeet's Treats 
12 | Yummy
13 | bonbons
14 | Dad Fuel
15 | Candy
16 | Nom Noms
17 | Candy Face
18 | Candy Whore
19 | Sugar High
20 | Crack
21 | Lend me some Sugar
22 | I AM yo' neighbor
23 | Mommy's Treats

We did a good ol' fashion drawing to pick the winner:

And the winner is....


According to Nick, "My favorite candy is snickers. But those wouldn't really work in that jar. As the only male entrant thus far, I'll have to say that I'd put some beef jerky nuggets in there and put "Dad Fuel" on the side."

Nick is a new dad of TWIN GIRLS! He's gonna need all the dad fuel he can get! Congratulations Nick!!


  1. I protest! Did our night together mean nothing to you C!?! Oh well, congrats Nick! I hope you share some of that jerky with C since you ate all his Halloween candy! Oh wait, that was me! Can't wait to see those babies!

  2. Cograts to Nick. Kinda fun to see a guy win something. xo Diana