The Cleveland Flea

Yippee! Yippee! Yippee! (clicking my feet together midair) I got accepted as a vendor for the next Cleveland Flea!!! (pelvic thrust, raising the roof, and a booty pop! and some over the shoulder fist pumping.)

Stephanie, the Cleveland Flea coordinator extraordinaire, is exploding with creativity and ideas. This weekend she put on a photoshoot and had a few cute local ladies curate and model collections they put together using vintage clothes and wares from the different flea vendors.... including some STBF treasures!

Some behind the scenes photos via Instagram (helloparfait, sarabot216, ohjocelynn, thepeddletheory)

1 | All the ladies: Sara, Zoe, Jocelynn, Stephanie, Allie and Christine
2 | Stephanie staging the STBF gold tea cart
3 | Allie rockin' her black vintage dress
4 | Me being the best photo assistant eva! I was reflecting light on Sara like nobody's business... and my arms are super sore now.
5 | STBF green kid's chair... on the wall. Why not!? Reminds me of Life as a Thrifter's awesome nursery.
6 | Christine's shot with the green chair
7 | Jocelynn in her nerd chic. That's an STBF red marquee letter on the chalkboard.
8 | Anna styling Zoe in her vintage nautical. See that flag on the stool... yep, STBF.

Hopefully you'll see the pictures from this shoot, courtesy of Suzuran Photography, pop up in some local publications promoting the Cleveland Flea.

The next Flea (my first-ever as a vendor!!) is on Saturday May 11th from 10-4 at the corner of E. 64th and St. Clair. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see you there!!

For more info visit The Cleveland Flea on Facebook or at

Photo Friday: Because I love you, that's why!

1 | Mini Moccasins. I die.
2 | Vintage toddler Lacoste Vest. I die, again.
3 | Turquoise pattern plate. You had me at Turquoise.
4 | Not-so-mini-moccasin boots. Or they might be slippers. Don't care. Wearin' em outside.

1 | Two smiling faces at 7:30am. It's a miracle.
2 | Happy (and sticky) haircut.
3 | My barista.
4 | Twinsies...for 5 minutes. Then breakfast happened.

1 | Based on the title, I assume it was a best seller.
2 | Based on the blurb on the back, I know it was a best seller. Know why? Because I love you, that's why! 

Wrap & Write

I've officially decided to no longer give birthday cards. Not so much because I'm a scrooge, but more so because I spend an abnormal amount of time at the drugstore reading every. single. card. until I find the perfect one. Huge time suck. Secondly, I completely LOCK UP when it comes to writing a message in cards. I overthink every word and then get antsy and end up writing a lame message and sort of want to thrown the card out and start over. And lastly, probably the most truthful reason (and ok, maybe a little scrooge-like), cards are expensive!!

So, in lieu of cards, I am going to start writing directly on my wrapping paper.  Not so much like this...

But a little more like this:

All it took was a roll of brown butcher paper that I already had on hand (but in case you're wondering, it's like $10 for a 700 mile roll from Home Depot) and a white Sharpie Poster Paint marker.

For a hot minute I thought about designing something in Illustrator and then tracing it onto the paper, but then remembered I had a napping child that was about to wake up in 2.5 seconds. So, I went the hand-written route, with really straight, totally not wavy, dotted lines.

It even doubled as a photo booth!

Kiddo Chairs Turned Photo Props

My friend Tara from TLG Photography was in need of some mini chairs to use in her photoshoots. Lucky for her, I had quite a few just waiting to be painted.

She chose for one to be shabby white distressed, and the other to be the complete opposite... hot pink and glossy!

My apologies in advance for these old pictures of snow on this 80 degree Cleveland Spring day.

Tara has already used BOTH chairs in two recent shoots, including this one for her 18-month old daughter.

Turns out there wasn't a whole lot of chair-sittin' goin' on for this little lady! Check out some of the other adorable photos from this shoot over at TLG blog.

If you're in the Akron, Ohio area, and interested in affordable family, child, or newborn photos, schedule a session with Tara today by emailing her at She'll make your family photo dreams come true :)

And the Winner of the Candy Jar is...

It was so much fun reading all of your answers! For those of you who didn't have a chance to scroll through the comments, here they are in order of when they were submitted:

1 | Calorie Free
2 | Do Not Eat
3 | Mommy's Only
4 | Sweeter than Candy
5 | Yum!
6 | Sweet & Salty
7 | Did you wash your hands first?
8 | Just one More
9 | Yummers
10 | Eat Me
11 | Gurmeet's Treats 
12 | Yummy
13 | bonbons
14 | Dad Fuel
15 | Candy
16 | Nom Noms
17 | Candy Face
18 | Candy Whore
19 | Sugar High
20 | Crack
21 | Lend me some Sugar
22 | I AM yo' neighbor
23 | Mommy's Treats

We did a good ol' fashion drawing to pick the winner:

And the winner is....


According to Nick, "My favorite candy is snickers. But those wouldn't really work in that jar. As the only male entrant thus far, I'll have to say that I'd put some beef jerky nuggets in there and put "Dad Fuel" on the side."

Nick is a new dad of TWIN GIRLS! He's gonna need all the dad fuel he can get! Congratulations Nick!!

Somethings: Things are Getting Trashy Part 3

As we were driving home after Easter brunch a few weekends ago, I saw a guy pulling this metal stool out of his trunk and taking it to the tree lawn. "STOP!!!" I yelled to D as we were driving by. "I want that. I want that. I want that!!!" What can I say, I get a little crazy when I see good trash!  Thankfully he stopped (otherwise I would've grabbed the emergency brake). I got out of the car and asked the guy if he was really throwing the stool away and if so, could I have it? He happily approved. Turns out he had just moved his in-laws into assisted living and was slowly throwing out a bunch of their old stuff.

I checked online to see what these sell for. I saw this one for $104.99 on ebay, this one for $125 on Etsy as well as this one for $100 on etsy. Yowzers --to think this almost ended up in a landfill!

 Of course I took a peek to see what else was in his trunk and there were TWO vintage bikes!! I could NOT believe he was throwing them away. I only had room for one, but I am sure the other one got picked up in a heartbeat.

This is a Murray Titan X63. With a flat tire.

Not quite sure what I am going to do with it yet. I'll definitely be giving it one spin around the 'ol block.


Don't forget, today is the last day to enter the candy jar giveaway!! 

The Cleveland Flea & My Embarassing TV Appearance

On Saturday I went downtown to check out the first ever, Cleveland Flea.

Taken directly from their site, The Cleveland Flea is "Part urban treasure hunt, part culinary adventure, part maker center...{it} celebrates the thrill of the hunt and discovery of new to you treasures. Find items crafted from cherished possessions re-purposed and ready for a new home. Peruse locally made jewelry, arts, crafts, clothing, {and} food...Come early, grab a coffee brewed just for you and get to it."

Um I think they just described my heaven.

photo via The Cleveland Flea Facebook page

I of course went to shop but also to see if maybe, just maybe this could be a place for a newbie like me to share and sell my somethings.

photo via The Cleveland Flea Facebook page

photo via The Cleveland Flea Facebook page

photo via The Cleveland Flea Facebook page

I walked in feeling soooo nervous. These vendors all seemed to have established brands, with amazing one-of-a-kind items, and I was questioning myself and whether I could really hold my own at an event like this. I wandered through the aisles sort of checking things out from afar and nervously envisioning myself being there. After making my way through the aisles twice, I finally walked up to a booth where they were selling vintage clothes and purses and started to look through the clothes rack. The owner, Lauren, asked "Do you wear vintage dresses?" I don't, but she continued "because I have this one that might look cute on you" as she pulled a sweet little handmade dress from the rack. It was totally not something I ever imagined myself wearing but Lauren and another shopper in the booth encouraged me to at least go try it on in the bathroom.  What do I have to lose, right? (Famous last words)

While in the bathroom, who else happens to be in there too? Dawn Kendrick, a reporter from 19 Action News! Looong story short, she convinced me to do an on-camera interview over at Lauren's booth, while in the dress!

THANKFULLY, 19 Action News cut a majority of the interview otherwise I would not be sharing it here with all of you. I had rididulous diarrhea of the mouth and probably made no sense when answering the interview questions. Lauren on the other hand was amazing! She was a total natural.

Watch it Here: 19 Action News - New Cleveland Flea Market

Needless to say, I bought the dress. And a purse. And I made a new friend, Lauren at Catitude Vintage. Check her out on Facebook.

I've applied to be a vendor for their June 8th event. Keeping my fingers crossed that I'll get accepted!

To find out more about The Cleveland Flea visit their website or their Facebook page.

Somethings: Things are Getting Trashy - Part 2

 I was driving home in the middle of winter with probably 3 ft. of snow on the ground. Out of the corner of my eye, I see the color turquoise sticking out of the snow on someone's tree lawn next to their trash cans. I slam on my brakes, hop out of the car, and find this table (in two pieces) buried in the snow.

I couldn't get it in my car fast enough!! I knew I'd have no trouble getting the base in the car, but the tabletop was probably bigger than me and not to mention really heavy, oh and not to mention buried in the snow. There ain't no way I was leaving without though. So what's a poor girl like me to do... how about ask the man three doors down who's out shoveling his driveway (in 10 degree weather) if he wouldn't mind helping me.

I think he tried to avoid eye contact with me, but I just smiled and waved my arms a lot and asked for his help in the sweetest of sweet voices. Luckily he obliged (I mean he really had no choice) and helped me finagle the table top in my trunk. I thanked him profusely, but I'm not sure it registered. I think he was still trying to make sense of how he just got roped in to spending 5 minutes out in the freezing cold helping some random girl shove a huge piece of "trash" in her car.

The base is in pretty good shape and just needs to be wiped down. The top will need a serious sanding job and a few coats of wax, neither of which I've ever done so it will be a learning experience. Although, I might consider painting the top white. Any thoughts, tips or suggestions are welcome! Once complete, this might become our new kitchen table! Some inspiration for colors and chairs (still to be found):

Via House of Belonging

Source unknown. If you know, let me know.

seen here at Inspired Bride via Kissed by Tammynize 

via Ikea Family Live

via Cameras and Chaos

Stop back tomorrow for part 3 of my trashy finds. And don't forget to enter the Candy Jar Giveaway by answering two easy questions. Check out some of the funny answers already submitted.

Somethings: Things are Getting Trashy - Part 1

Who needs garage sales and thrift stores when I have neighbors throwing away stuff like this Danish Mid Century Modern  loveseat!! My friend Kristin spotted it on her way to my house and told me about it as soon as she arrived. I ran down the street in my slippers to look at it, and fell in love. I have no room for it in my house but it just has TOO MUCH potential to leave on the curb. Kristin helped me carry it home and now it sits patiently waiting to be cleaned and reupholstered.

Check out some of these similar Mid Century Modern loveseats that are selling for quite a pretty penny:

Stratham White Mid-Century Modern Loveseat. $749.99 at 

Midcentury Modern Loveseat. Urban Outfitters $398.

Midcentury Modern Loveseat by Thonet. $675 via Flavor Furniture Dealer.

Be sure to stop back for Part 2, AND Part 3 of my other trashy finds. And don't forget to enter the Candy Jar Giveaway. You just need to answer two simple questions and you could win!!

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Giveaway: Candy Jar

This is my first ever giveaway so I thought I'd replicate the first ever DIY project I posted on the blog. Remember this?

I upcycled that vintage candy jar for my friend Laura and now's your chance to have your very own, PERSONALIZED candy jar.

I already have it painted in Annie Sloan Pure White and once the winner is chosen, I will hand paint a word/phrase in the color and font of their choice.

Here's the dilly on how to enter:

Simply leave a comment on this post telling me 
1) what your favorite candy is and
2) what you might want written on the side if you win! Extra entries for creativity and humor (keep it clean, people!).

The winner will be chosen at random and announced on Wednesday, April 17th.

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1 Year - A Makeover and a Giveaway

Today marks one year for Something to be Found so I thought I'd start year two with a new look. What do you think about the new logo? Arrows are kind've the "in" thing right now and I totally jumped on the bandwagon. But lucky for me, arrows will always be representative of something that I hold near and dear to my heart. Something that provides me with hope, joy, and direction...  something that leads me to the promised land... albeit on fluorescent pink poster board, hand-written with a Sharpie and stapled to a telephone pole.

Arrows, you have my heart.

I also added that light blue arrow-like pattern to the background of my template. After creating it though, it reminded me a lot of something else.

Any guesses?

How about the tire tracks my car makes when I slam on the breaks after seeing a garage sale sign!! A lot like this...
I also have to credit What Should We call Mom who uses this video and many
others to write hilarious one-liners about her life. And also need to credit Sarah
at Lil Hoot for sharing this gem of a site on her blog. 

Ok, so aside from my hidden meaning tire tracks and garage sale sign arrows, I also did myself a little html coding. Still waiting for the blog to explode, but so far so good. I added three new page links up top; Thrifted Somethings, Makin' Things, and Twinsie Tuesdays. Click on any of these and you'll be taken to a page with thumbnails of all the posts within that category. A HUGE thank you to Laura at Laura's Crafty Life for her Blogger Image Gallery Tutorial.

You may also notice a cleaner post footer that includes sharing links for social media sites, courtesy of AddThis. Still working on getting that "Comments" link bigger. Any tips?

And speaking of social media, I now have follow links in my sidebar! It's about time, right? Thanks to my friends Lisa and Tara for encouraging me to finally start Something to be Found accounts on Facebook,  Twitter, and Instagram.

Follow along on Instagram as I'm out and about gettin' my thrift on.

In honor of my one year blogiversary I'll be doing my first ever GIVEAWAY on Wednesday. If you want a hint, it's very similar to the first ever DIY project I did for the blog. Here's a sneak peek.

Hope you love the new look as much as I do. Looking forward to another year of thrifting, DIYing, Twinsie Tuesday-ing, and maybe even more giveaway-ing.

Thanks for following along!