Somethings: Kitchen Treasures, a Chalkboard and a Beret

I went to an estate sale in Hudson a few weekends ago and it was a total bust. It was in a large, newer home and it was confined to just a few rooms on the first floor. I prefer sales at older homes with rooms packed to the gills -- especially the basement and the garage. That's usually where I dig and find the hidden treasures. Unfortunately, there was no garage or basement digging going on at this house. I never like to leave a sale empty handed, because ya know, there's always something to be found, but unless I wanted to come home with a fancy mahogany dining room table or some books from the 90's, empty-handed it would be. 

I couldn't possibly end my estate sale shopping there so i quickly searched and came across another one in Shaker. As usual, my heart started racing and I couldn't get there fast enough!

I walked in and the angels started singing! The house was FULL of stuff and the digging began!

I came across one of these metal measuring scoops in a kitchen
storage area then kept digging and found the other three in the set.
I think these would be great as art on a kitchen wall. 

While digging for the scoops I also came across the measuring spoons. 

I'm a sucker for vintage aprons. I wish I
actually cooked so that I had a reason
to wear them.

Vintage table linen with a blue scalloped edge. I love the look of
stacked vintage linens on display. Like the examples here.

Vintage chalkboard found buried in a box in...
the garage of course. According to this site,
 this is a 1940's double-sided
school slate worth $65.

Um, this had a pom on it so of course I bought it.

I didn't realize it was beret-style until this guy kept begging me to
put it on his head. He was just askin' for me to sing this little ditty:
"He wore a  pom pom beret. The kind you find at a Shaker estate.
He wore a pom pom beret. I think I lo-ooo-ve him!"
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  1. Such great finds, Katie! I thought about you this weekend as I was digging in my grandma's attic! She sent me up to find a doll that she thinks may be worth something, but I fell in love with the vintage doll case it was in! I'm going to try to use it as a prop some how. I also came back with a pair of yellow cast iron pots! I'm going to go back and dig some more when I have more time.

  2. Those are great finds! I too found the measuring scoops at an estate sale and now I use them all the time as I learn to cook. Very handy. The rest of your finds are equally cool! And your Prince reference is very witty! I wish I had weekend sales to share but there actually were NONE - but there will be coming up this weekend and I can't wait!

  3. Love the scoops and measuring spoons! And the chalkboard find is awesome as well! My mother has 2 little ones that I keep coveting ! hehe Looks like you hit a home run!

    1. Yeah - finding that chalkboard buried in a box made my heart flutter!