Photo Friday: A Few Weeks on Instagram

1 | STBF bowl spotted at Laura's house.
2 | First can of ASCP used on a recently purchased Craig's List hutch. (Big reveal coming soon!)
3 | Staging the hutch with my Katie Daisy artwork and some thrifted bowls.
4 | Pink painted chair for Tara at TLG Photography in Akron. (More pics coming soon!)

1 | At our friend Joe and Courtney's Wedding. C still frumpin' about his cardigan.
2 | Leprechaun? Earthling?
3 | Well, don't look at me like I'm frickin' Frakenstein. Come here and give your brother a hug.
4 | C and I in our striped, thrifted tops. His - $2.99 Gymboree cardigan. Mine - $4 H&M Blazer.

Tryin' to scare the kids in my sanding outfit. Worked on C, but N just smiled and waved. LOL!!

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HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. How is it possible I wasn't following you on Instagram yet?! Added you!

    Can't wait to see your hutch reveal!

    1. THanks for following Lindsey. Hutch reveal coming very soon!

  2. So great! I finally get to see the chairs in person today! I can wait to use them!