Ikea Shopping List

My mom is heading to Ikea on Friday. I can't go with her, but I may ask her to pick up a few small things for me. You'll have room, right Mom?

8 | Lillesand Bedframe (the link doesn't work. I wonder if it is no longer available. 
Ugh. Now I really want it. Look how fab it is...

via metinakinmetal.com.tr
via remodelista
via 7th house on the left


  1. Oh, how I love Ikea! I think their quality has really improved in recent years and is a great investment for the price point. You can never go wrong with the Ektorp!!! ~Sarah

    PS Thanks for commenting on my blog so I could yours!

    1. Do you have an extorp sofa? Is it soft and cozy? And easy to wash?

  2. I LOVE that bedframe--it's caught my eye. Shove it in! Or rent a uHaul...