Clothes Swap Party

My friend Kristina (fellow garage sale loooover) hosted her 2nd annual Clothes Swap Party the other night. As usual it was a mix of good food, funny ladies, and FREE clothes!

Here's how it worked. Ten or so girls each brought clothes/shoes/purses/accessories we no longer wanted from our closets. We separated the clothes amongst three rooms, the first for shoes/purses/jackets, the second for shirts/tops/sweaters, and the third for dresses and skirts. Here's room #2 and the hallway to room #3:

We separated into three groups by drawing numbers. Each group headed to their designated room and had a few minutes to pick one item from the room before we rotated and went to the next room where again we got to choose one item. After each group had shopped once in all three rooms it became a free for all! Amazingly, everyone stayed calm and there were no cat fights... at least not that I'm aware of.

Here are a few of the items that I went home with:

Someone also brought a few books so I quickly snatched this one up. Love me some Bravo! Has anyone read this? Thoughts? Mazel or no mazel?

I'd say the night was a win-win-win; cleaned out my closet, got some FREE clothes (and a book), and met some hilarious girls. Thanks Kristina!!!

Twinsie Tuesday: Schmidt & Sonny

Our friend Sonny not only looks like Schmidt (Max Greenfield) from New Girl, but he also shares a very similar personality.

Let's play a little game of Who said it - Schmidt or Sonny? Place your answers in the comments.

1 | "Damn it! I can't find my driving moccasins anywhere!"
2 | "Like OMG, I cant wait to dance on stage with my besties!!!!!"
3 | "What if I ate my own hair and pooped out a wig?"
4 | "No apology necessary for the cat fight. I like when lovers fight over me."
5 | "My Bar Mitzvah was an amazing event. The theme was sports jams!"
6 | "I'm in Wales, was mugged by a robber and no one sent me any money. Thanks a lot. It was probably the tasseled loafers that made me a target in the first place. Freaking tassels."
7 | "I also hate you. Isn't there an accident you should be in?"
8 | "I was so tempted to friend request you, but then I feared I would waste like 10 hours a day staring at all of your pics."
9 | "I'm gonna have to run all the way home and I have my slipperiest loafers on."

Ikea Shopping List

My mom is heading to Ikea on Friday. I can't go with her, but I may ask her to pick up a few small things for me. You'll have room, right Mom?

8 | Lillesand Bedframe (the link doesn't work. I wonder if it is no longer available. 
Ugh. Now I really want it. Look how fab it is...

via remodelista
via 7th house on the left

Photo Friday: A Few Weeks on Instagram

1 | STBF bowl spotted at Laura's house.
2 | First can of ASCP used on a recently purchased Craig's List hutch. (Big reveal coming soon!)
3 | Staging the hutch with my Katie Daisy artwork and some thrifted bowls.
4 | Pink painted chair for Tara at TLG Photography in Akron. (More pics coming soon!)

1 | At our friend Joe and Courtney's Wedding. C still frumpin' about his cardigan.
2 | Leprechaun? Earthling?
3 | Well, don't look at me like I'm frickin' Frakenstein. Come here and give your brother a hug.
4 | C and I in our striped, thrifted tops. His - $2.99 Gymboree cardigan. Mine - $4 H&M Blazer.

Tryin' to scare the kids in my sanding outfit. Worked on C, but N just smiled and waved. LOL!!

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HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Somethings: Clothes, Cards, Crochet, and "Cruisers"

Is it just me or does anyone else go into a store for a specific item, yet buy things from browse every other section before actually going to the section that has the item you came for? Target is the ultimate for this problem. I go in for diapers, yet I find myself first in clothes, then purses, then shoes, then kids clothes, then frames, then the clearance endcaps, then housewares, thennnnn I finally make my way over to the diapers.

It's kinda like eating a bunch of appetizers before dinner. You know you shouldn't, you're just gonna regret it, but you can't stop.

I did  this at the thrift store a few weekends ago. I had a short amount of time and I specifically went searching for a hutch, but before going to the furniture section, I got pulled toward housewares, then toys, then blankets, then t-shirts, then purses, then shoes, and thennnn... crap, before I knew it I'd been there for an hour and hadn't even looked at single thing in the furniture section!

Lets' just say I had a lot of appetizers that trip...

Like these size 6 kids blue Converse All-Stars that I spotted while standing in line to check out. N is busting out of his size 5 shoes and I wanted to get these exact shoes for him at Nordstrom Rack for like $25. Picked these up for a cool $2.99! Tossed them in the wash, good as new!

Found these vintage flash cards in the toy section.

Vintage flash cards are really popular right now as framed art. Look at this amazing wall from Apartment Therapy.

To be honest though, as much as I love this, I may actually need to use these flash cards for their intended purpose. My math skills are, well, not really skills at all. My favorite comment from this Apartment Therapy post was "This brings back bad memories of failing math class in 4th grade..."

How about this yellow and white crocheted afghan blanket. It's like 100 bursts of sunshine!

I love a vintage tee, especially one that is thin, soft, and even a little holey. Oh, and see that arrow on the front, that's some foreshadowing for something coming very soon on this here bloggy blog blog... 

And I die. How cute is this brand spankin' new Gymboree cardigan? It has "I'm a little man" written all over it.

But this little man was not happy about wearing it. Luckily he fell asleep in the car and I was able to clip the tie on without needing his approval. He frumped the whole morning and throughout the entire wedding ceremony. Didn't smile until the end of the day when he got to climb all over a railing with his friends. Note to self, bribe him with approval to climb on things that shouldn't be climbed on.

I also made a stop in at The Sampler and picked up these vintage metal roller skates, aka "Cruisers." Right, didn't everyone call them cruisers back in the day? Wasn't that Janis Joplin's song? "I got a brand new pair of Cruisers, you got a brand new key! I think that we should get together and try them out you see..."  No? Not the right lyrics? Hmph. Well, for the sake of having all C's in the title of this post, you're gonna call them Crusiers and you're gonna like it, m'kay.I'd like to put these CRUISERS in C's vintage sports room -- maybe use them as book ends? 

How about you? Pick up any fun treasures lately? Or force your child to wear something they didn't want to? I want to hear about it!

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Twinsie Tuesday: Faye & Latoya

After last night's episode of RHoBH, and Faye's ridiculous accusation that Brandi ruined Adrianne and Paul's marriage, I was intrigued to see her waiting to be interviewed on the Today show this morning.

 That is until I realized it was Latoya Jackson.

Goodwill: DIY Project #4

This is an easy one that anyone can do! Read the whole post over at Goodwill Akron Industries Blog. You might be surprised by where the new artwork came from...

Twinsie Tuesday: Demi & Kyle

I am sure I'm not the first to point out the striking resemblance between Demi Moore and Kyle Richards, but maybe I can be the first to bring to light some other extremely fascinating similarities:

Both were born in the 60's
Both are over 5 ft. tall
Both have 4 letters in their first name
Both had 3 children with their second husbands (actually, this one is pretty fascinating)


Both have an "e" in their first name and an "r" in their last name. Powerful.

Somethings: Kitchen Treasures, a Chalkboard and a Beret

I went to an estate sale in Hudson a few weekends ago and it was a total bust. It was in a large, newer home and it was confined to just a few rooms on the first floor. I prefer sales at older homes with rooms packed to the gills -- especially the basement and the garage. That's usually where I dig and find the hidden treasures. Unfortunately, there was no garage or basement digging going on at this house. I never like to leave a sale empty handed, because ya know, there's always something to be found, but unless I wanted to come home with a fancy mahogany dining room table or some books from the 90's, empty-handed it would be. 

I couldn't possibly end my estate sale shopping there so i quickly searched and came across another one in Shaker. As usual, my heart started racing and I couldn't get there fast enough!

I walked in and the angels started singing! The house was FULL of stuff and the digging began!

I came across one of these metal measuring scoops in a kitchen
storage area then kept digging and found the other three in the set.
I think these would be great as art on a kitchen wall. 

While digging for the scoops I also came across the measuring spoons. 

I'm a sucker for vintage aprons. I wish I
actually cooked so that I had a reason
to wear them.

Vintage table linen with a blue scalloped edge. I love the look of
stacked vintage linens on display. Like the examples here.

Vintage chalkboard found buried in a box in...
the garage of course. According to this site,
 this is a 1940's double-sided
school slate worth $65.

Um, this had a pom on it so of course I bought it.

I didn't realize it was beret-style until this guy kept begging me to
put it on his head. He was just askin' for me to sing this little ditty:
"He wore a  pom pom beret. The kind you find at a Shaker estate.
He wore a pom pom beret. I think I lo-ooo-ve him!"
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