Twinsie Tuesday: HilaRya

No introduction needed here (assuming you watch Nashville and HGTV.)

There's a good chance Avery's Manager (Rya Kihlstedt) has a day job working as Hilary Farr's double on Love it or List it.


  1. Nashville=my new favorite show. Which pretty much means that it will be cancelled just like my other favorite Connie Britton show Friday Night Lights!

  2. Hi there! new follower - I found you on Life as a Thrifter with your fabulous candy dispenser makeover. I can see the resemblance in your post - I remember being shocked when I figured out that Suzanne Whang (the original host of House Hunters) was also the Spa Lady on the TV show Las Vegas with James Caan and Josh Duhamel!

    1. That's hilarious. I also didn't realize that Jilian from the Bachelor and Bachelorette hosted the Canadian version of Love it or List it.