Life as a Thrifter

Do you have favorite pins on your Pinterest boards? The ones that completely inspire you and make you want to bust out the hammer or paint brush as soon as the kids take a nap. Or make you want to race out to the nearest thrift store even if it means towing two toddlers along with you?

This is that pin for me.

This was done by Holly at Life as a Thrifter. And she's also the woman behind all of these other great projects that most of us have pinned and repinned.

I commented on a few of Holly's posts and she was kind enough to stop over here and check out a few of my projects. She even liked one so much that she is featuring it on her blog TODAY! Stop over and check it out here -- and be sure to check out this post about her not-so-typical wall decor for her nursery. She's amazingly creative!


  1. loved the jelly beans and this shows anything with a little creativity and paint can make someones else trash into a treasure

  2. That so awesome, Katie! I love it!

  3. Checked out your feature over at Holly's- love the revamped jelly bean jar!
    Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster Award. Please see my post today for more info:

    1. Hi Laura! Thanks for thinking of me :) I read your list of things and I loved your answer about what flavor you would be, vanilla - with gummy bears. Ha!