Somethings: Fabrics, Books, Xmas, and...Cheese

This is a continuation from my previous post about the Somethings I found at Goodwill during my 4 hours of shopping bliss, or as I told D, a 4-hour equivalent to his yearly guy fest.

Ok, so we covered the clothing last week. Now for housewares, books and that cheese I mentioned...

Coral, pink, and green Chevron blanket. Oh I so badly wished this matched colors
in our house. This may be headed to The Sampler if anyone's interested.

Vintage floral sheets for craft projects like this ribbon chandelier
or this vintage sheet bunting.

another vintage sheet

and another one
A lace curtain that will be used for things like this pic frame idea.

The book section at Goodwill aint too shabby. I like to dig for books with colorful spines to use in decorating.

I also like kids books with fun illustrations that could be cut out and used as artwork.

This dog looks like the dog we used to have, Sam-boy:

I should expand my "celebrity look-alike" talents to pets!

Christmas stuff was on super clearance! Hopefully I still like this stuff 348 days from now. (If you're doing the math in your head  to see if I am even close to the # of days util Christmas, just go here and see for yourself.)


Vintage bulbs. I like the idea of filling up a jar like this.

And now for the cheese...

More cheese domes!! These are an inexpensive DIY alternative to cloches and dessert pedestals from places like Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma. I'll be sassin' these two up for my next DIY Goodwill project.

After all that, I still wanted to do more shopping. I was on a thrifting high and still had about 20 minutes before I had to head home so I quickly stopped at another thrift store down the road.

What a surprise, I got another...

Cheese dome! This one is a mini and has a cute little nob at the top.

And lastly, a fave find from the whole day, this yellow and white chevron afghan for only $2.50!!


  1. Oh my goodness! I need that first chevron blanket for our home! Let me know if you decide to give it up. The colors are gorgeous!

    1. Hi Lindsey! I JUST sent you an email. It's all yours if you still want it!

  2. Wow-What a fun collection! Good finds all the way around!!! xo Diana

  3. Were we separated at birth? I think I would have brought all of this home myself. I'm having especially heightened envy about the chevron blankets.

    And the ornaments. And the sheets.

    (PS Thanks for the link!) -amy

    1. I thought the SAME thing! I think you're my soul sister :)

  4. Just stumbled onto your these finds and love the blog!

  5. Katie,
    I love those cheese domes because you can display holiday goodies in there. A sweet heart and some Valentine candy would look so pretty.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  6. GRACIOUS! What WONDERFUL finds!!!! Man, this makes me want to come shopping with you!!
    Thanks for stopping in at the blog! Yours is fabulous!

  7. Oh what wonderful finds! Thanx for joining THT!

  8. If U find ONE more amazeballs afghan I am going to spit!
    Oh..and fukuverymuch for the Christmas count down thingy! =<
    Jusssst what I needed.. LoL!
    Newest creeper ;)